My very simple headphone set during lock down

My tried and true set up. Amazing that my 10 year old Squeezebox Touch is a Roon endpoint that sends up to192 kbps to my Oppo HA-1 headphone amplifier and displays what is playing! Many hours sitting and enjoying the music during the lock down. Enjoy and stay healthy and feel free to share your set up.


are you using EDO?

Victor -

Did you know of this thread? Lots of good setups there. You might want to post yours -

Yes. I installed EDO on the SBT. 192 streaming is confirmed via display on the Oppo HA-1 screen.

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New to the community. Thanks for sharing this!

I have a similar setup that has PM-2 cans but I also have quite a few other dac/HPA combos with other cans too…but I prefer my custom IEM’s these days over the on the head headphone options.