My Wifi dongle MediaTek Inc. MT7612U does not work anymore

I updated to the newest release (181) and now my Alfa wifi dongle does not work any more - as I remember I was on Beta 49 where it was working fine.

On my laptop I get the following with a lsusb:
Bus 002 Device 003: ID 0e8d:7612 MediaTek Inc. MT7612U 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wireless Adapter

The system has send a log with this ID:

Thank you for your support - I hope it will be easy to make a solution.

Leif Rasmussen

I did not receive your feedback.

I do not understand?

Is this what you mean?
"The system has send a log with this ID:

I can not make i again, as I gave up and installed DietPi and Roon-bridge on the usb card - that is working fine and was installed without problems!

I tried at least 5 different images of Ropieee and they only found the internal Wifi. I was not able to reinstall the beta version 49, as I could not find it on the server.

Of course I would like to use Ropieee, as I am a Patreon supporter.

Yes. Unfortunately that file never made it to my infrastructure for whatever reason.

I found another SD-card.
Does not work on RoPieeeXL 2022.04 (0180)
Feedback ID 8ad5fdd9b763cd85

Does not work on RoPieee 2022.04 (0181)
ID 1bc857f97a83f7dc

Both feedbacks did not arrive.

My wifi MT7612U is working on 4.017 stable!
Feedback ID 7da9071988b9de67

Maybe my Pi-Hole are blocking for the feedback?

That could very well be. I’ve tested my infrastructure and it’s working. So it is something on your end preventing this.

Yes - OK
I will stay on the old version - it is playing very well.
I think the feedback is running via Google and I do not want to use Google services!

The feedback lands on a VPS that is not hosted by Google.

Anyway I do not like to send a feedback without been able to read it first!
I hope that it does not contains the wireless account information and other private informations?

@Leif_Rasmussen ,

I understand your concern, and an anonymous user on the internet is probably not going to settle your mind but @spockfish is a stand up member of the community and runs a very professional service.

Maybe a few lines in the new guide explaining what “Submit Feedback” sends would be helpful?

OK - I trust that it is fine.
And you can send a feedback without problems or is it only my setup?

@Leif_Rasmussen , I am very fortunate and have never had any problems with Ropieee so have never sent any feedback from the UI.

I made a little suggestion above that the User Guide could maybe contain a few lines explaining what data is sent etc.

Would I use it though? Absolutely.

I also used the feedback and it is a very good tool to find out, what is wrong.

I just had a bad experience with a big German company AVM -
I had problems with my new Fritz!box 4060 router and they asked me to send a bug report. I was able to read the report before sending it and found out, that all my settings was in the file including my wireless account informations!
I wrote to AVM support, that I would not send the report with these informations - also because they wrote, that private informations will not be in the bug report.

So - is wifi account settings private and sensible informations?

I will try to send the feedback to @spockfish but just want to know if it is only me, that are having problems sending it?

As I mentioned earlier I tested my infrastructure to make sure it’s not on this end - and that part works.

@spockfish OK - what do you suggest that I do?

I installed Ropieee because it is easy to get it working. I have a Roon bridge on Volumio, on my Linux laptop, on my Linux desktop that, all of which have an ethernet connection.
As Ropieee is a “closed” system without ex. ssh I can not do much problem solving. I find it a very good system and like it very much, easy to install and I like, that I can just turn it of without thinking about destroying the file system on the SD-card!
My problem is, that the Raspberry Pi with Ropieee I have in the bedroom cannot be connected with cable due to how the house is built. I can not use the internal Wifi, because the Raspberry Pi is in a metal box and too far away from the Wifi router to have a stable Wifi connection - it is works fine with the Alfa.
I bought the Alfa AWUS036ACM (Linux support for MT7612U based products - ALFA Network Docs) because of Linux compatibility and the good antennas.
As the support page says, it is only documentet to run on a Rpi 32bit OS - I got it working on DietPi_RPi-ARMv8-Bullseye.img - I downloaded the ARMv8 64-bit image so it seems to run also on 64-bit.
Now I just plugged Alfa in my Laptop running Arch Linux 64-bit and it just run plug and play!
I do not want to use my Fritz!powerline 1220E set for ethernet via the house’s electrical system, as they use to much power on a daily basis - I only use them for emergencies.
I hope you will look into it and try to find a solution for my problem. If that’s not possible, without me trying to find out, how to get the Feedback button working, I’ll live with the old version or just use the DietPi SD-card.
Thank You.

I’ve ordered the device and let you know how things are going.


Thank you - I works fine now with the newest ver. 2022.05

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