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Today, a mysterious new playlist appeared while I was working in Roon.

The top one, with one song, showed up today. As you can see, I already have an ABBA playlist that I created. I don’t need a second one.

As you can see, there is no option to delete it. I also don’t know what that musical note next to the three dots is for.


It disappears if I uncheck “Shared playlists,” but this is also confusing. I am not sharing any playlists, and no one is sharing any playlists with me.

Can anyone explain?

Shared playlists means from streaming and or another user. If that was a Qobuz playlist did you happen to click on make a local copy as they will then make a copy of it so it becomes a Roon playlist you can edit.

I do not subscribe to Qobuz or any other streaming services supported by Roon.

Have you set up user profiles then as with shard option off it’s just your profiles playlists. With it on you see all playlists from other profiles.

Thanks for trying to troubleshoot this!

I have only one user profile, for me.

Strange never heard of anything like this . You sure you have not accidentally created it somehow.

I restored a backup today, and if something was funky with that, I suppose it could have happened then. I don’t see anything else weird (yet).

But who, exactly, I’m sharing it with (or who is sharing it with me) and why I can’t delete it remain mysteries.

Maybe your Roon account has been hacked? Changing your Roon password wouldn’t hurt.

Did you set up a network share in Settings > Storage? Can you post a screenshot of your storage?

Is this what you’re looking for?

I’m trying to figure out the best way to find the track in the one track ABBA playlist.


  1. Click on the one track ABBA playlist name
  2. It should open the playlist and show the one track
  3. On the far right of the track, click the 3 dots icon
  4. Click View File Info
  5. Scroll down to File Path and it should show you where the track is located.

Could you also search your My Music directory for ABBA.m3u file in case it was created somehow.

Let us know what you find.

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I probably shouldn’t have messed with it, but I deleted that track. The playlist is still there, and still can’t be deleted.

The path almost surely was F:\My Documents\My Music\ABBA\Miscellaneous ABBA\1-14 Åh, vilka tider.mp3. I searched my computer for other copies of the song and this was the only one.

I also searched the ABBA folder for m3u files and there are none.

It may or may not be noteworthy that, aphetically, this is the first ABBA song.

Let’s see if we can get rid of the playlist.

Go to Settings > Storage and click on the 3 dots icon on the right of My Music, and select Edit. Then under Options set import playlists to No.

See if that removes the Abba playlist.

Greg…that’s what I needed to figure it out!


I toggled both, and it was the Import iTunes playlists option that is causing the mystery playlist.

Do I have any playlists in iTunes? Why, yes, I do have an ABBA playlist there, put together for my iPod. However, it’s a big playlist, not a single song playlist. So what is this single song playlist?

Well, as I transition from iTunes and my iPod to Roon ARC for car listening, I am ripping FLAC files and deleting the MP3 files.

When I replaced the ABBA songs, I somehow missed this one. I was surprised when gathering info for you above to see that it was an MP3.

So the only song that Roon can find on the ABBA playlist in iTunes is this MP3 file that I failed to replace! That’s why there’s only one song!

Thank you for your help in getting there!


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