Mytek AMP+ Failing again after repair

Unfortunately my Mytek AMP+ started to fail again after two months of repair. This unit was sent for repair to Poland because it caught fire. Mytek Poland repaired the unit and sent it back.

It has been working until this week, when it started to refuse to play, again. This time I cannot see smoke coming out the unit, Just silence.

The unit feeding it is a Mytek Brooklyn Bridge. I can see the level bars going up and down on the Bridge. I observed this exact behavior before the unit burnt out some week after. So I am afraid it will happen again sooner or later.

I think you should contact Mytek directly rather than through the Roon community forum.

Yes, this is the reason i placed a support ticket on Mytek website. However i have a feeling that my requests through that channel might be re-routed to Poland automatically. I believe this because in former support tickets i have used the answer came directly from an engineer in Poland.

I have the same problem, and I believe that I have bought a AMP+ in the problematic batch.

I tried to log a service ticket, but after 10 days I still do not receive any replies from MyTek.

It confused me and I am not sure what’s happening on their side.