Mytek DACs and the Sonicorbiter SE

A few Mytek users asked me to get their DACs working with the Sonicorbiter SE. Many of the older Mytek DACS use a proprietary driver so they didn’t work by default.

I now have Mytek DACs working on the Sonicorbiter SE.

Roonify your Mytek!


I can testify that my SOSE is now working great (as HQP NAA) with my Mytek Stereo192 DSD. Many thanks to Andrew and Jesus for getting this working.

That’s great Andrew!

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I too am having some trouble with the Sonicorbiter SE and the Mytek Manhattan DAC. I have it connected and it’s playing, however, the Sonicorbiter is picking it up as a 192 DSD DAC rather than the Manhattan. Also, it can’t detect the encoding formats because it says “the device is locked” in the Custom DAC menu. Do I need to enter some custom DAC settings so Roon can send the Mytek DSD rather than doing a ton of downconverting to PCM 176?

Thanks for any help

They use the same driver and firmware. You do not need to use the Custom DAC feature. What do you mean by, “can’t detect the encoding formats”. Post an image of this. Also, post an image of the information on Apps / DAC Diagnostics.

Jesus, thank you for taking a look at this. Here’s the information from the Sonicorbiter SE management interface and how Roon sees it.

Do you have Roon set to DSD or DoP streaming? It needs to be set to DoP. Also, are you able to play 352.8 kHz PCM?

FTR, I got DoP with DSD64 to work using the Sonic Orbiter SE with my Mytek Manhattan.

Jesus, just wanted to follow up on this. DoP did fix the issue, thank you.

I’ll also add that I’ve upgraded to the Manhattan II and the useability with the Sonicorbiter SE has been outstanding. I’m really thrilled with how everything is working together at this point.