Nad c 3050 le +

Hi people, can someone confirm that the NAD 3050 LE can reproduce FLAC files of higher sampling rate than 48kHz when converted by Roon from DFF or DSF files (DFF= DSD files from Philips)?

As I wrote before if I stream from my Roon server to my NAD 3050 LE a Philips DFF files (DSD) sample to 48 kHz it works but just at this sample rate.

I have as alternative (in case no internet connection) a raspberry Pi 4B, 8GB with LMS (Logitech Media Server) 8.4.0 and with the plug-in DSD Player 1.09 working as server and player. As player is connected to an Audiolab Omnia with Coaxial, and I stream/play the same DFF to the Audiolab Omnia (I can see the file tipe and sampling rate on the screen) and the Omnia shows me PCM-192kHz.

I bought a Mac Mini M2 install Roon and stream the same DFF file from Roon to the NAD, and the NAD play it just if the sampling rate is limited to 48 kHz.

I stream the same DDF file from the Raspberry Pi 4B/8GB-LMS to the NAD 3050 LE and it plays it (I do not know the sampling rate), I guess PCM because I know LMS converted in PCM/192 kHZ (at least to the Audiolab).

Does the Pi has more computing power than the M2 from Apple?

could it be that the NAD 3050 LE can no cope with the streaming PCM converted from a DFF from Roon, unless is PCM not higher than 48 kHz?

could anyone play PCM files with a higher rate than 48 kHZ converted from DSD (DFF or DSF) files from Roon?

I would like to know if the limitation is in Roon, NAD,…

Well, I can answer that one: no.

Assuming you’re talking about FLAC files containing PCM converted from DSD? Then the answer is yes.

How is the NAD connected to the Mac Mini M2? If by USB, I suspect the 48 kHz limit is due to Apple’s internal sound management architecture. I believe you need to set the endpoint zone to “Exclusive” in Roon to have it not involve Apple’s media architecture.

Woow, you’re fast!

the Mac M2/Roon server is wired connected to my LAN, the Audiolab, the NAD and the Rasperry Pi wired to the same LAN. just the Raspberry Pi and the Audiolab is connected Coax.

So the NAD-ROON via RATT-RJ45. Thanks!

I will try the private

Then it’s the settings you are using on Roon to convert the DSD file. If you post a screenshot of the Roon signal path we should be able to see what’s going on.

thanks a lot

If I play the DSD (DFF or DSF) file sampled to up to 48kHz it works, if I stream any PCM (FLAC) native up to 192 kHZ it works fine in the NAD, the Audiolab or the Naim.
I just have issues from DSF/DFF-DSD to PCM converted to higher than 48kHZ in Roon.
thanks for the incredible attention!

Not sure but I would assume that the MDC2 module in the C 3050 LE already is on the right firmware or higher but a check might be worth it?


Also is DIRAC active and if so, can you play higher rates when disabling DIRAC?

really thanks a lot, I will see if my firmware in the 3050 is update, what I saw is

BluOS 3.20.52

this os crazy from NAD

the latest BluOS according to NAD web page (at least for 3050 LE) is 3.20.46, but I live in the future because show me BluOS 3.20.52?

BluOS 3.20.52 is the current release but I don’t know about compatibility to the C 3050 LE.

If I were you, I would contact NAD/BluOS support also so they can look into their side of things (firmware as well as sample rate issue).

Thank you, I will

It looks to me as if everything is working. That top screenshot of the signal path shows you are sending 24bit/176.4 kHz PCM to the NAD. It’s only when you set the max sample rate down to 48 that you will get less than that.