NAD C 658 Certification?

(Eric Kaiser) #1

Since other NAD and BluOS products are certified, will this DAC gain certification? If so, any idea when?
I’ll send you mine (as long as you send it back) if it expedites the process.

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(John) #3

Hello @Eric_Kaiser,

We have the NAD C 658 in the Roon Lab undergoing certification testing already, but thanks for the offer :smile:


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Forgive the ignorance but does this mean the 658 will not operate as a full MQA renderer and decoder until it is certified? I can only get MQA working on it via the BluOS app. When using Roon, the MQA light on the front panel of the NAD never comes on, no matter how I set it up (as renderer only, decoder only, or renderer/decoder).

(Niek Kuizenga) #5

Hi John,

Any news yet on the certification-readiness of the NAD C658?
Thanks for yr reply!

(John) #6

Hello @Niek_Kuizenga,

Unfortunately, we cannot comment on the expected timeline for devices undergoing certification. Rest assured, both Roon and NAD are working to make this happen as soon as possible!


(Niek Kuizenga) #7

Thanks for your prompt reply! Very reassuring!
(I just bought the unit, will get it in the course of next week :wink:

I am a passionate Roon user…

(Paul Kraft) #8

With our demo C 658, no MQA light comes on, however Roon indicates that the unit is acting as an MQA Renderer in the Signal Path.

(Gary MacGregor) #9

Is there any update from ROON on this? It’s been around 3 months since it was confirmed testing was underway…

(John) #10

Hello @Gary_MacGregor,

We do not have any news to share at this time.


(eli cohen) #11

So can I order the NAD C658?

(John) #12

Hello @eli_cohen,

Since we do not share timelines for partner certifications, I recommend reaching out to NAD for the latest status on the NAC C 658 Roon Ready certification.