NAD C368 with MDC bluOS 2i module Roon device settings

Roon Core Machine

Core on Windows 11
Music files on Synology 420+
Device: NAD C368 wirh MDC BluOS 2.1

Networking Gear & Setup Details

KPN Glasverzel 1 gb

Connected Audio Devices

Device: NAD C368 wirh MDC BluOS 2.1

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

The Device is Roon Ready. What does this means.
I am looking for the correct settings in Roon for this Device.
Setting for MQA, sample conversion, DSD settings etc.
Please help me with these settings.

It means that the device as Roon’s RAAT endpoint code embedded, such that you just need to plug the ethernet cable in and the Roon Core will see the device. The basic settings are pre set. However, you might want to change them based on your particular use case.

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Please help me also with DSP settings for this Device

It doesn’t play DSD, so Roon will convert DSD to PCM before sending it to the amp.

What do you want to do? DSP is very user/environment dependent.

Sorry, i am a new user of Roon.
I see different signal paths.
Signal path enhanced or excelent or something else

I want play hi-res music but i dont no
now what sample conversion does when i enable that.
And under what kind of conditions should i use the filters.
Maybe is there some study material for this.

Well, give this a read;

Sometime i see a white little star, sometimes green. What is the difference.
And what is de meaning of Signal path enhanced.

Purple is lossless meaning nothing is touching the original data
Enhanced means you done some enhancement to it, upsampling, DSP, etc
Green means you done more to the original data including downsampling, or using a lossy format.

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