NAD C399 Bluesound being reported as not Roon Ready

Hi all I got a message saying the blue sound module is not certified so I can’t use it. It says it’s roon ready and to contact NAD. I have a roon lifetime subscription.

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Have you tried all the usual rebooting of Roon, the NAD, your router etc?

Hi no I haven’t tried that I will do that when I get home tonight. Thanks

I’ve tried rebooting core router etc still saying not certified. On the nad website it states it’s roon ready.
I’ve enclosed a screen shot.

The C399 is in the roonlabs list so it should be ok, but did you have the MDC Bluos addon installed ?. I think it is this board that provide ethernet access ?
Also check for any firmware upgrade ?

My C399 is reporting the same.

Just had its first Update, but still no support for roon.

Just picked up C399 and having same issue. Emailed NAD and they confirmed the C399 is not yet Roon Certified, and no ETA on when it will be. Sorta bummed. Is there anyway to get around this, or is everyone else in this boat just patiently waiting?

This is strange…

According to Roon’s website, the C399 is Roon Ready. It’s the same according to NAD’s website.

Silly question but I presume you do have the BluOS module installed?

Hey! Yep, I do have have BluOS module. Bought the model with it pre-installed. Definitely a bummer.

Edit: Adding response from NAD

Well in this case, it not great seeing Roon and NAD claim it’s Roon Ready on their websites.

Hopefully you will get and official response from Roon on here.


Had similar issue over a year ago with my new NAD T778 AVR. Lots of emails back and forth between Roon, NAD support and so on for months, then NAD out out update and all was well. So issue may be at NAD end. While I waited, I was able to use a work around by using Airplay to have room “see” the T778. Limited the type of file fully playable but was able to use my new hardware with Roon until they sorted things out. Would that be possible for you with the C399? And keep checking/nagging NAD about it.

Good luck.

I am thinking about buying a C399 too, but would like to have it “really” Roon ready. Is that still not the case? regards,ToM.

Is there a list anywhere of Roon Certified devices so that we could check it for when the C399 is added?

I’m not going to start my subscription again until the Roon Certification is complete. I can’t find any list of devices that are certified. Despite the fact that both Roon and NAD have been listing the C399 as Roon Ready for 6 months now I don’t believe you can actually find it as a Roon device on the network still.

Google is your friend here
However I do not know how often this list is updated.
75+ Roon Ready Partners - Network Players, Devices & Core Servers (

But the C399 does show as a Roon Ready device in this list

Thanks, I was wondering if there was a list of Roon Certified devices.

During the journey of your post you seem to have realised that Google is not actually a friend in this regard because it just shows that Roonlabs and NAD both claim it is Roon Ready.

But we know that doesn’t mean that the Roon server will see it as a device on the network that it can use over ethernet. For that Roon Certified is required according to the window that pops up in the Roon Application.

The documentation doesn’t really say what Roon Certified means anymore. Perhaps it is now the same as Roon Tested. It’s really not clear.

As nobody can or is willing to put a timeline on that, and I am not going to re-subscribe until the certification is complete I was hoping to find a list somewhere.

There are only two statuses Roon ready or Roon tested.
Roon ready is network connected and uses the roon Raat protocol.
Roon tested is usb connected or network using chromecast, airplay.
Sonos and Linn connections are specials in addition to those.

So what is Roon Certified then?

Because although the C399 is listed as Roon Ready by both NAD and Roonlabs (for the last 6 months!) when you try to use the device it throws an error saying that it is not Roon Certified, please contact the manufacturer.

Ok apologies for not reading from the start of the thread.
Although roon and NAD are both reporting that it is Roon Ready, it looks like it isn’t. It should say it’s not certified as Roon Ready.

@support can you refer this to the hardware team please.

Hi @Craig_Arnold,

The NAD C399 is Roon Ready certified. There was a slight issue with the device shortly after launch that was fixed within a few days. We haven’t received any reports of problems with that unit since that time.

According to your account details, you don’t have a current subscription. Naturally, I’m confused about how your Roon Core could still be providing you with any status message for that device. If I’m missing something please let me know.

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