NAD C658 will not play 88/24 via Roon, when DIRAC is engaged

My NAD C658 will not play anything in the 88/24 format, via Qobuz, via Roon, when DIRAC is engaged on the NAD.

Once I disable DIRAC, and enable it again it works. No biggie, but I hope there is a fix eventually.

Same issue here for months. Didn’t know work around. Thanks for that. Also hope for fix. I have reported to both ROON and NAD. Now with C 658 certified, perhaps a solution will be upcoming.

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It becomes an issue when Roon Radio comes upon an 88/24 track and stops cold.

@support any progress to report here?


Same problem here! The workaround is to set the Sample conversion on in Roon (DSP) to custom, for example you can set 88/24 to upsample 96/24. all other sample rates leave untouched. After you set this conversion on you can hear it even with dirac!
Same problem I had with 192/24, had to downsample!


Doesn’t seem to work for me.

Welcome aboard ! I have report this bugs to NAD and Roon. The solution I got from NAD is to contact Roon because the problem is in Roon side. NAD never give solution and always blaming others.

Here my post on the problem

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Based on my recent experience, NAD seem to be trying to convert people to using their BluOS app and are not particularly bothered by Roon-related issues.

Exactly , I have the same feeling

It would be of interest to know how exactly the Roon Certified process works for NAD devices with Bluesound integrated. All firmwares have software updates that are independent of each other (used to be the case but may have changed). When either the NAD amp or the Bluesound/Dirac firmware get updated, does the device get re Certified via a retest, or is it only Certified once at that particular firmware release? Updates to firmware can have regressions that break functionality.

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Great question!

I think this also links back to the BluOs player issue in that NAD are making a lot of changes through firmware that focus on their proprietary system and perhaps it is not surprising that those don’t always play well with Roon. It is all about their strategic priority. There are very few references to Roon on the NAD website, for example, so they clearly don’t see it as a selling feature.

The Certification status question applies to any manufacturer of course, not just NAD. The NAD units in particular are quite complex and firmware driven, given their integrated nature.
Three years ago, predating Roon Certification for NAD, I had a bad experience with a NAD/Bluesound amplifier. The Bluesound update broke the NAD amplifier, causing it to switch itself off randomly (and required power off/on to reset the amp). I returned the amp in the end and got a refund. Clearly, there was complete lack of any integration testing between the NAD amplifier firmware and the Bluesound firmware. It wasn’t helped by the number of firmwares involved, each with their own separate firmware update. If I recall correctly, there were individual updates for network, bluetooth, wireless, bluesound and the display module in the amp itself. A potential nightmare of interoperability issues and non-trivial to test. On top of this, the modern NADs have DIRAC and Roon firmwares.

Anyone know why I am constantly getting this on a NAD m10 and Dirac? It’s worked previously but doesn’t now. I have tried rebooting and reloading the app.