NAD D3045 HQ Player and Roon

Does anyone have experience using HQ player with the new NAD D3045? It supports DSD, yet when I try to upsample to DSD, I can only upsample to PCM. Any ideas on how to fix this?

I think the best option would be to contact NAD support and ask them about DSD connectivity. The information given in the manual and on their website is almost non-existent. The only clues I got were from a review which mentioned DSD needed the Windows USB drivers.

Have you downloaded the NAD USB drivers and tried them yet. Below is a link to their website


Thanks for your suggestion. I got this worked out by posting on the computer audiophile forum from Miska.

" Are you using ASIO driver with both? And does SDM (DSD) output mode appear in HQPlayer, and if it does, did you select it?

In many cases you also need to make sure “Auto rate family” is not enabled and that SDM rate limit is set to 44.1k multiple. Because most drivers and/or DACs don’t support 48k-base DSD rates."

"Do you have DoP enabled? With ASIO you likely should have “SDM Pack” set to “None”.

Also make sure you don’t have the same ASIO driver enabled as output zone in Roon. Otherwise the two will have fight over the same device.

You could be also running out of CPU power, so please check that you initially have some light -2s filter variant.

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