NAD M10 stopped working with Roon since update to BluOS 3.8.3

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Nucleus, Operating System: Version 1.0 (build 186), Roon Server Software: Version 1.7 (build 536)

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

WiFi via Arris TG1682G

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

NAD M10 WiFi

Description Of Issue

My NAD M10 has been unable to stream from Roon since updating to BluOS 3.8.3 (now running 3.8.8). As soon I try to stream I immediately get the following message on the M10: “Sorry, something went wrong during playback. It is possible that the audio format is unsupported” and my iPhone being used as a Roon remote says “Roon lost control of the audio device.” I am still able to stream Roon to other devices in my home and I can successfully stream to the M10 using AirPlay. I contacted NAD support and they said to disable MQA support in Roon. That didn’t work, nor did I expect it to because the streaming problem occurs with all music files (local flac and mp3, streamed flac and streamed mqa via Tidal), not just MQA files.

Additional info
RAAT SDK Version 1.1.36

Please let me know what suggestions you have for getting my M10 to stream Roon successfully again. I’ve had the M10 since March 2019 and it had always worked fine until about a month ago.


I have an update. I discovered that the problem is only effecting 88.2 kHz content. That ended up being most of my library because I had Roon set to upsample all 44.1 kHz content to 88.2 kHz. I can work around this by not having any content upsampled to 88.2 kHz and having any 88.2 kHz native content upsampled to 96 kHz, but if you any explanation for why this is happening I would appreciate it.

Hi @Alan_Ward,

Could you please reproduce this issue by playing back 88.2 kHz content and note the exact local time + date + track the issue next occurs on and note this info in the thread? Once I have this info I can enable diagnostics mode for your Nucleus and see if we can get some more clues as to this behavior that way.

Thanks for your help.
Time: 1:38 PM MDT
Date: 4/27/2020
Track: 01 - From the Age of Swing

Hi @Alan_Ward,

Thanks for letting me know that timestamp. I have activated diagnostics mode on your Nucleus and what this action should do is automatically upload a log set to our servers for analysis, but I am not seeing this log report come through. Can you please reboot your Nucleus via the Web UI? I can check our server for the report again once you have done this, thanks!

Just successfully rebooted the Nucleus

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Hi @Alan_Ward,

I can confirm that the log report has reached our servers this time around :+1: . I have requested the technical team review them and once that has been completed, I or another Roon support member will reach out once more.

Has this been resolved, I just purchased an M10. I “lose control of the audio device” and it doesn’t play with *88.2 k source. Using my iPad to control Roon on Mac mini. Also on M10 screen it says “it is possible the audio format is unsupported”

The issue has not been resolved but if you are having exactly the same issue then fortunately there is a simple workaround. Using Roon’s DSP function enable the sample rate conversion and set 88.2kHz to be converted to a different sample rate (I set mine to 176.4kHz).

Hello @James_Mauger/@Alan_Ward,

Thank you for the reports. The M10 is not yet a Roon Ready device, and it is still undergoing certification at this time.

We’re going to take your reports and work directly with the Bluesound technical team regarding this issue, thanks for the reports!

Reporting the above song now plays !!! I’m assuming the latest software update a few days ago resolved it. Any others reporting the same? Using NAD M10 !!!

I’m still not able to play 88.2kHz files without resampling. Running Roon 1.7 (build 555) and BluOS 3.8.13.

I’m also running 1.7 build 555, can you play this file, I got from qobuz.
Can you play this title below?

I’m running core on a Mac Mini. BluOS 3.8.13

I don’t have a Qobuz subscription.

I also just stumbled across this. My NAD M10 still can’t play 88.2 KHz tracks with Roon 1.8 & BluOS 3.14.10. This forces me using upsampling. :slightly_frowning_face:

Hello everyone,

We’ve confirmed this issue with certain NAD devices and 88.2kHz content. It appears to be related to the Dirac Live component on the devices. NAD is aware of the issue and investigating.


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@john Are there any updates on this issue? I just got a NAD m33 and I’m running into the same issue with 882kHz files. Turning off Dirac, starting a song, and then turning Dirac back on seems to work and will allow an album to play through, but will get stuck if a different format is played after.

I see that there are several threads about this, but none of them seem to have any updates:


I set Roon to upsample all 88.2khz content to 176.4khz and that has allowed me to bypass the problem.

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Hello All,

We have confirmed that Roon is working as expected and this is an issue in the BluOS firmware. NAD has informed us that they are aware and working on it. Once we have any updates from them we will update you accordingly. We also encourage you to reach out directly to NAD for updates. Thank you.

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