NAD M10 + subwoofer owners please come in :)


Anyone added a sub to their M10? Curious to hear about the implementation and your experience.

Read on another forum (although very little info on this) that the sub out on the M10 is underpowered, making a sub implementation rather difficult?

Thanks in advance :beers:

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Perhaps a little bit late but i have a M10 in combination with the B&W 705 S2 bookshelf speakers and a B&W DS4S subwoofer. I can control the power output for the subwoofer in the subwoofer APP on my iPhone. The input gain in the sub (RCA/LFE) is set to default, so 0 dB. The crossover frequency is set to 60Hz. I am very happy with it. The sound quality is very good and the bass is in balance.

You can find the picture here: Showing (off) your Roon setup - description and photos [2021-04] - #270 by s-t-e-v-o

I have a pair of subs. They are both run at speaker level so aren’t affected by the line level gain.

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Appreciate the reply Eddy :slight_smile: Not too late. Still have not decided on which sub to go with.

I use bk, they are like REL when they were REL and have all sorts of connections.