NAD M10 + subwoofer owners please come in :)


Anyone added a sub to their M10? Curious to hear about the implementation and your experience.

Read on another forum (although very little info on this) that the sub out on the M10 is underpowered, making a sub implementation rather difficult?

Thanks in advance :beers:

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Perhaps a little bit late but i have a M10 in combination with the B&W 705 S2 bookshelf speakers and a B&W DS4S subwoofer. I can control the power output for the subwoofer in the subwoofer APP on my iPhone. The input gain in the sub (RCA/LFE) is set to default, so 0 dB. The crossover frequency is set to 60Hz. I am very happy with it. The sound quality is very good and the bass is in balance.

You can find the picture here: Showing (off) your Roon setup - description and photos [2021-04] - #270 by s-t-e-v-o

I have a pair of subs. They are both run at speaker level so aren’t affected by the line level gain.

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Appreciate the reply Eddy :slight_smile: Not too late. Still have not decided on which sub to go with.

I use bk, they are like REL when they were REL and have all sorts of connections.

I’ve never quantified it, but the outputs on the M10 do seem low. I run dual SVS 3000 Micros in a smaller room and keep them at their default -10db setting most of the time. Sometimes I have to back them off or use the room compensation setting due to some boominess. The fact that I am running 2 of them at relatively high levels in a relatively small room leads me to believe the levels are low.

I should also say that the levels do not appear to be as low as they used to be. I did notice a change some while back where the levels seem to have been moved up a bit - but that was before I had the 3000 Micros in place.

I don’t think the levels are so low as to be a problem. But if I had an underpowered sub, a very large room, or was one of those guys that feels there should always be more bass - I would make sure I had a solid return policy in place before purchasing.

The M10 is generally just awesome.

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Hi Eddy, I just bought a DB4S and how the same devices we have : M10 + 705 S2 + DB4S, but my DB4S output is extremly low and hardly to heard. The line connection is right. Do you use it normally? What set-up error mostly happend?

The M10 settings

The sub settings

Hi Eddy, I will try. Thanks a lot!

Did my previous post help you any further?

Hi Eddy
I try again several times and query to NAD tech-engineer too, but it not worked. I have returned the device to vendor.
However, great appricate for your help.

I totally agree with you, running Roon on M10 (V2 in my case) is just awesome!!!

I also have the same SVS Micro 3000 sub. I haven’t had time to run Dirac Live yet (just got the M10 V2 a couple of days ago), but I also notice something strange.

With M3K set to -12db, the low frequencies don’t seem to want to kick in, it’s mostly in sleep mode. Only if there is a really heavy bass punch, then it comes alive.

But once the sub kicks in, then bass is “too boomy” so I had to dial it down to -14db or so.

I haven’t tried -10db yet but did try increasing the crossover to 90, which seems to help a bit.

I wonder if Dirac Live will calibrate everything correctly so the bass comes in at the right time. Is anyone seeing/hearing something similar?

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The boom is likely caused by some combination of room modes and room gain. Dirac will correct the issue if you follow the measurement procedure correctly. When I do not have Dirac running I often feel the need to drop the gain on the 3000 Micro back to -16 or so, and/or use the parametric EQ, and/or engage the room gain compensation setting to the 40 dB setting as my room is very small. I found using a 12V trigger wire reduces the chances of the sub not kicking on.

Unfortunately my M10 may be in need of service. Just started having no sound coming from the speakers with no warning of any other issues. Software and firmware resets and contacts to NAD tech support have not resolved the issue. I believe it is still under warranty if the problem does not resolve itself, but still not happy about the need for a repair on a pricy and relatively new piece.

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Using 12V trigger completely solved my SVS 3KM sub turning on issue.

I will buy the Dirac Live full version this weekend and attempt my first calibration!

So sorry to hear about your M10 issues. I have read similar nightmare stories in other forums about M10. Hopefully my V2 has a bit better quality control or longevity. Good luck with the repair!

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I’m with you on the 12v trigger, I had to leave my B&W sub on all the time before I installed the trigger, I’m using the M33 NAD and Dirac full is a complete mind blowing experience. I’m going to have to see what happens with your opinion. It will be helpful if you have a camera tripod to assist with the calibration process, and expect a bit of a learning curve and run it through several different runs to see which one suits your needs best.

Have fun with it and good luck :+1:t2:

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Just did my first Dirac Licr calibration, as expected the low frequencies are well integrated now. :+1:

My sub and stereo speakers all just “mesh” together which is quite a wonder.

I notice two issues though:

  1. The high frequencies above 10 kHz seems to be lacking. Is this because I am using the “free” version and not the full spectrum?

  2. Also, when playing at low volumes, ie. lower than -45dB, bass also seems to be lacking so I ended up increasing 2-3dB on the 3000 Micro sub using the SVS app. Is this a good idea? I wonder if tweaking sub gain directly on the sub is the correct method or should I be changing the Dirac Live correction curves itself?

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Good to hear that you’re having some fun with the Dirac process! I went directly to the full version figuring that I would end up there anyway :wink:
As far as the sub level I’m running a B&W that has an analog volume so I just set it at 12 o’clock then did my calibration. I do slightly adjust it a little bit up and down at times depending on the recording, old stuff has no sub but the newer stuff gets pretty busy.
I have a SVS 3000 with an Marantz AVR little room 5.1 system, KEF LS50’s. neat tight bass unit. I’d just try something in the middle and tweak it in as needed for the recording and how much you can get away with :joy::rofl::joy: Having the remote is sure handy huh?

Hey what are your mains again? What are you crossing over at?

Keep having fun with it man!

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