NAD M32 shows uncertified and calls it NAD MDC3? Bluos Module installed

Roon Server i5 running Linux or PC i7 on windows ethernet connected.

Firmware up to date on the Bluos module installed in the M32 along with all other firmware. I have reset and power cycled every imaginable point along the chain to no avail. I have a McIntosh MA12000 running with a roon bridge working fine. The M32 appears in Airplay where I can enable it but not under the roon ready option? Did the M32 drop certification out of nowhere?

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I’m using M33, have you tried going into BluOs and seeing if Roon is available among your outputs? Perhaps you can put it into Roon mode via BluOs then add as a Roon endpoint. Best luck with it.

I am able to control through BluOs the “Roon Ready” output and its both displayed on the computer and on the front screen of the M32. Does Roon allow you to enable it as a Roon Ready device under the RAAT protocol, for your M33? I have a small Uncertified exclamation that does not allow me to go further.

Yes Carlo, it was on the list under Roon Ready devices as I remember, I’m sorry but I am not at my home that the M33 is located, let me check if it’s still on screenshot.

Edit: No it’s not on the list anymore, I was pretty sure that I had to go thru BluOs at least once initially before I got everything tuned in properly. Your using MDC2 module correct?

I have the previous MDC Bluos 2i non-Dirac, given the M33 being newer I assume you have the MDC2. Under audio settings is your M33 enabled as Roon Ready item or under airplay protocol? I can enable via airplay but not as an endpoint using RAAT. It is funny though how Roon thinks my M32 is an MDC3 when no such module exists just yet, or at least available publicly?

Yes, Roon ready MacBook m1 via Ethernet adapter thru a switch, airplay is also an option. The mdc3 reference is very odd, I double checked the NAD site and no reference to this? You should probably send an inquiry to the BluOs folks at the support team they have been responsive to me in the past.

Hey Carlo, any updates on your mdc module issue?

Here’s what I received from BlueOS. While these instructions don’t cite the M32, I believe them to be the right steps.

Upgrade C368/C388 chassis firmware using USB thumb drive.
Install the MDC BluOS 2i card.
Factory reset the MDC BluOS 2i card using the front panel of the C368/C388.
Factory reset the C368/C388 chassis using the front panel of the C368/C388. (This is the step that changes MDC3 to C368 or C388).

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