NAD M33 certification

Is there any news on the status of the M 33 certification?

Generally, we can’t comment on certification progress. Certification is a collaboration between two companies and requires testing + technical feedback from both our end and the other company.

If you reach out directly to the manufacturer, they might be able to provide some more details of how certification is going on their end, but on our end the answer here will always be the same - the device will only be certified once it’s ready and passes all the necessary checks.


Is there any update?

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Roon should not, and will not, certify any product that doesn’t meet their performance and compatibility standards. The fact that certain NAD products have not been certified is solely on the shoulders of the NAD/Bluesound people. When problems exit that prevent certification, Roon tells the maker exactly what the problem is, and only they can fix it. Roon can’t, and never will be able to fix problems that the product has.

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What discrepancy? He is saying they can’t comment on the certification process (I.e. where in the timeline of the process they are. Numerous times, the Roon staff has explained how the process works.)

“ Certification is a collaboration between two companies and requires testing + technical feedback from both our end and the other company.”. is pretty much what I said, but in a different way (“ When problems exist that prevent certification, Roon tells the maker exactly what the problem is”. Then the vendor must provide fixes to Roon, via firmware updates, or whatever, or if there needs to be clarification as to what is needed, then communication takes place to provide that clarification. As far as certification status, Roon, up until now anyway, only says that the unit has been certified or it’s pending certification. They have never provided timelines as those are out of their control ).

Glad I found YET ANOTHER HiFi product that is not ROON Ready after Roon changed their Terms Mid Game. I made an offer on an M33 to compare to my Uniti Star and almost was left with another Hegel H390 issue that I had 2x! This is really ridiculous, I am in Fiber Optic manufacturing and if we changed parameters mid-stream without complete buy-in from our manufacturing partners as well as a Unified marketing message our Corporate Clients would drop us like a sack snakes you accidentally picked up.

Really poor relationship and market management here from Roon and their “partner” companies. It really is a 50/50 deal regardless of what others would have you think.

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Roon have not changed their terms as I understand things, only insisted manufacturers involved fully comply.
This was all fully explained in an effort to avoid this situation going forward.

Good afternoon. I understand it from reading in here that Roon changed it in November of 2020.

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No Joe,

They’ve been trying for two years to get some manufacturers to fix issues with what the manufacturers sell as Roon ready but with little niggles that prevents Roon from certifying them. But because most parts work, some manufacturers don’t fix the issues. Roon has now put their foot down and said to manufacturers that if it’s not certified, it won’t work.

That’s a good thing, not a bad one, because that ensures that if you buy something that’s Roon ready, you know for sure it will be.

This is solely a NAD problem. NAD (and plenty of others) shouldn’t advertise their product as Roon ready until it actually is.

As for us consumers, I think we shouldn’t buy products that aren’t working as advertised. By us buying half baked products, we’re enabling the sellers to keep selling it.


In which case Roon labs should also put an end to the partnerships advertised in their partner program?

BluOS tell me:
Hi Marc

As mentioned previously - we anxiously wait for ROON to certify the M33 and T778 as quickly as possible as all other BluOS Products are certified. Please continue to let ROON know you are anxious to have ALL outstanding BluOS Products certified

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That’s a bit drastic don’t you think Marc?

Yes Pim, it is a bit drastic. I got carried away, sorry for that.
The lack of transparency about process and progress is frustrating.

I asked the same question as you to NAD and got the same answer.

As far as the november change in Roon is concerned: Before the November change the NAD M33 showed as not certified, but in fact it did work. After the change, Roon cut off the support for the M33. I can only assume that money is involved in getting the M33 certified. It took a long time too for the M10 to get certified, probably for the same reasons.

We as the customers have to suffer for these money wars between companies that try to cut out their market share.

There must be a more effective way of doing things!

Btw I do have a life-time subscription to Roon. I do like the product. I like the M33 as well. As far as I am concerned this is a silly war. Both companies would do better if they focused more on their customers.

Hi Dylan,

I actually did what you recommend: reach out to NAD to find out the status of certification from their end. Surprisingly they responded that they are awaiting anxiously the moment of certification by Roon.

In fact, when I asked the M33 was still working with Roon, although the interface mentioned that the product was not fully certified yet. After the November 2020 change the product was not working anymore. Roon closed the door. I can only assume that some money issues remain between certification, seeing that the M33 was already working without being certified.

I think this is a â– â– â– â– â– â–  way of fighting with your partners through us, the customers of both Roon and, in this case, NAD.

Hi Gerrit,

Money has nothing to do with the fact that Roon doesn’t allow non Roon certified equipment to play through RAAT. Roon has for years looked after half baked semi-RAAT equipment and have finally given up and told manufacturers that if it’s not certified, it will not work.

Essentially it’s blocked until it’s certified. It’s the Roon team’s way of providing quality control.

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News from NAD support about certification, hope this will happen as described below:

Thank you for contacting the NAD Electronics Support Crew.

With regards to Roon support in the M33, we are continuing to work with our partners at Roon.

Hopefully, the M33 will soon be certified by Roon and be supported in the next BluOS release 3.14.X in April 2021.

I hope this helps!

Kind regards,


That is excellent news if it is true!

I informed Roon that I cancelled the automatic renewal of my subscription pending the certification. They sent an excellent apology message taking full responsibility for their part in the certification process.

After that I forwarded that message to NAD / BluOs, to indicate how disappointed I am with the lack of apparent ownership of this process and their constant finger-pointing to Roon.

This is what I got as part of the response:
“…I am sorry to hear about your concerns. We do apologise for the inconvenience that your NAD M33 was de-certified and has yet to be re-certified by ROON Labs. We continue to work with ROON as best we can and do see them as a valuable partner…”

I just want to point out the obvious inaccuracy and blaming Roon again:

  • The NAD M33 never got the official “Roon ready” certification status, Roon just modified their policy and no longer allow partner equipment not yet certified to connect to Roon. Therefore the M33 never got “de-certified”, that is a gross distortion of the truth.

I’ve given up on NAD / BluOs owning up to and acting on their responsibility in this partnership with Roon. They just seem to leave their paying customers in the dark and blame Roon for it.


I really hope so, haven’t been a Roon user for long, but now I am I love it and just want it work with my M33. Like others have said, will consider changing it if I have to wait much longer.

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Awaiting for NADM33 certification…in May my subscription to roon expires, in this case i will not renew it… sorry

you know, as the M33 was marketed as roon ready, but was not - if this drags on for too long, would could file (or threaten) a class action lawsuit. That might get NAD going.

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