NAD set up. Music stops or skips

Hi, time to chime in here. I have used Roon for about 9 months. Hoped after some updates this problem would disappear, but it won’t. When playing, music suddenly stops or it starts skipping. It can stop for several seconds and up to minutes. Can also stop completely, it varies. Sometimes the problem is gone and can play a whole night smoothly. Does not matter if I play from the harddisc NAD M52 or streaming Tidal music. (Hifi subscriber). Lately the problem has increased. This can happen just after the system is turned on or after several minutes, it is completely random.
As you know, this is a Bluesound system. Note: When playing from the Bluesound app, it works perfectly fine. No issues there.
I use an Ipad air 16GB from 2013 as Remote.
Approx 600 ripped albums / 8000 songs in NAD M51 -which of course is connected to the M50 with USB cable. Hope you can help me out :slight_smile:
Thanks Bjorn. (Norway)

Set up is:
NAD M3, NAD M50, NAD M51, NAD M52.
Core: ASUS UX302L.
Running Windows 10, 64 bit.
Core PC is connected to the internet wireless over wifi.
NAD M50 is connected with ethernet connection. Broadband 40/40 Mps.
Router: Cisco Linksys E1200

Just to understand. Your Core PC (running Roon) is connected to the local network via Wire or WiFi?

Yes, core PC Asus is connected over wifi. It’s not even equipped with ethernet port.

Connect the core to ethernet using usb to ethernet adapter and check if the problem persists.

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As Seagull has indicated; your server should be wired for best playback. Having your Core only attached via WiFi is putting a strain on the WiFi.

What is happening is that when you are select a song to play, the Roon server pulls the music from the storage location over Wifi, process it at the Core Server and then sends it back out over Wifi to the endpoint.

You might try and see if the problem lessens by eliminating one hop, copy some music to the Roon Server machine and queue that up and see if it has the same skipping and stopping issues.

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