NAD T778 consistently stops playing music via ROON

I have a NAD T778, with several other Bluesound endpoints across the house, including Bluesound Professional outdoor speakers (NOT ROON certified yet). My issue is repeatable where when playing music via ROON to the NAD T778 after a period of time music just stops playing, and the T778 disappears as a ROON endpoint. Only way to get back up running again is to reboot the NAD T778 which restores things back to normal. This is consistent and repeatable. Any other T778 owners experience this issue?

I don’t have a T778 but do have 8 BluOS devices as endpoints.
In my case, when one of the endpoints disappears it’s generally a connectivity issue or a router issue. My Node 2i, C368 and C658 are hardwired and have DCHP reservations so don’t drop off though occasionally a Pulse or Flex will vanish.
I’ve seen those outdoor speakers online and hope they transition to the Bluesound consumer line.

Are these WiFi connected devices?
Some of the Bluesound devices have a history of issues with Roon and WiFi.
I recently bought a PowerNode, but only run it over Ethernet and it has been incredibly reliable.

I also do as BC suggested and give all my Roon endpoints reserved DHCP addresses so I can quickly find out if they go missing (which rarely happens)

I have a NAD T778 and have not experienced this problem. However, the NAD is the only BluOS device I have in my network - if that makes any difference.

My NAD is connected to the network using a cable - not WiFi. In my network I have several Sonos devices but no other BluOS device. I hope this information might give you some help.

Thanks for the replies and suggestions.

The NAD T778 comes with a BluOS dongle that connects to the unit via USB. This has a WiFi adapter as well but no option for Ethernet. The Ethernet port on the NAD is only for control systems like Crestron, Control4 etc.

The issue is only when streaming with Roon. Using either the native BluOS app, Spotify connect, Tidal connect there’s no issues at all.

I used to have a T758 v3i which has a dongle WiFi adapter with ethernet. Apparently NAD shipped these units with 1 of 2 adapters, one with ethernet the other without. The compatible ethernet adapter can be purchased through Amazon. The Bluetooth and WiFI dongle plug into it.

Here is a link to the product on Amazon in Canada.

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Nice! Let me check this out and see if it resolves my issue. Appreciate it!

Ok Roon has more bandwidth requirements than the other apps due to the overhead of using RAAT.
Try it over Airplay and see if it has the same problem, not for long term but to test it.

Other than that I would also look at USB to Ethernet dongles and see if any of them will work


So I ended up plugging the BluOS module directly into the USB port of T778 (minus the USB hub and WiFi dongle) and connected an ethernet cable and it works really well now. I wish NAD would improve their user manuals as it implies the ethernet port is only for room control.

Thanks to all for the suggestions!

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Great news for you and hopefully you can now enjoy a reliable Roon experience.

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