NAD Visio 1AP volume control


I have been using Roon for a 18 months or so and had no major issues. Normally I use Roon to output to HQplayer from the core to my main system. I also have a few AirPlay receivers linked to active speakers and all has been working great.

But I added a NAD Visio AP 1 wireless speaker (sounds great by the way) to the system as stated to be AirPlay certified. But Roon does not give me any volume control of this speaker. It’s disabled in the options and whatever I try does not enable volume control. I contacted customer support at NAD and they say they are AirPlay certified and issue must be with Roon. I am not too sure if that is correct as everything else works via AirPlay except the NAD. Issue is compundes as default volume on the NAD is set at LOUD!

Anyone experienced the same? Is it Roon or the speaker?



Hi @Dezzy ----- Thank you for the report and my apologies for the troubles here. Can you provide me with the a screen shot of the settings you are using for the NAD Visio AP 1 speaker as seen in the example below.