Naim HDX and Nucleus+ issue


I hope someone can help. I have searched the forum but not seen this specific problem.

I use an Naim HDX for ripping CDs (I have around 2000 on my NAS).

Recently I purchased a Roon Nucleus+. I have installed a Samsung 2Tb SSD in the Nucleus+ and would like to move HDX ripped files from my NAS to the Nucleus+ to have a silent one box solution. The intention is to also create a HDX Music Store on the Nucleus+ so future purchased CDs can be ripped directly to that location. I know I have to use the HDX “Move music” facility to preserve the integrity of the metadata and HDX database. The HDX therefore needs to access the internal Samsung SDD.

I have created a folder on the drive (\nucleusplus\data\storage\internalstorage\music) but the Naim HDX cannot access it. The HDX can access \nucleusplus\data ok. If I try to link the HDX to the music folder manually (using the Naim desk top client software), I get an error message saying: “Unable to add Network Share. A value is required for Hostname, IPAddress and Share before an external storage share can be added”

I can navigate to the music folder from my laptop so it is there and properly formatted.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Scott_Brown

Have you discussed this with Naim at all?

It sounds like the path is working okay outside of the HDX, so Naim should be in the best position to help with making sure that connection works okay with the HDX. If there is anything we can help with, though, please let us know!

Hi Dylan,

Thanks for the response.

I am in discussion with Naim, but so far, no success at getting the HDX to see the internal storage on the Nucleusplus.

Best regards,

Hi Dylan,

spoke to Naim again today. The Naim head of software apparently spoke to your CEO who says that it should be possible to get the HDX to see the internalstorage area of my Nucleus+. Unfortunately Naim think it is a Roon issue and Roon think it is a Naim issue. The HDX connects to the Nuclues+ and I can see the first level folder (data). So it is not a connection issue.
Naim said that because the HDX uses SAMBA1, the pathname should not contain spaces (it doesn’t) or folders with more than 16 characters (it doesn’t). Is it possible that the pathname is just too long (\Nucleusplus\data\internalstorage\music)?
Any ideas on what to try next?