Naim. Issue with Airplay & Groups

I am lifelong Naim user but I was also a relatively early adopter of Roon which meant a couple of years of fun and experimentation and lots of external boxes.
I now have a variety of Roon Ready Naim Devices incluiding an NDX2, Atom , Muso V.2 and a QB 2 and all is working well . I also have an original QB and this cannot be grouped with the other units . Given the original QB supports Airplay 2 im confused why it cant be grouped with the other devices .
Can anyone share any light please

Hi Terry, Roon can only group Airplay devices with other Airplay devices (and the same applies to Chromecast).
What I would do is create a group with all your devices, using Airplay. This might not sound quite as good, but that may not matter if you are using it in multiroom mode with the Muso and other players. (Another alternative would be to use Naim multiroom when you want to include the Muso, although I’m guessing you would prefer to use Roon.) Then you can create other, non-Airplay groups, or just use the individual players, as proper Roon endpoints.

Thanks for this.
I am trying to do exactly what you describe and the thing is that the Naim QB IS an Airplay device as are all the other Naim devices .
All the others can be grouped via Airplay but it wont allow the QB - that’s my question - why not ?
I hope this helps clarify things

Understood. I don’t have a 1st gen. Muso, so I can’t test this, but I believe there are some issues with Roon not supporting Airplay 2, so that might be your problem here. Maybe worth checking this with Roon support, but I suspect that is the issue. In which case you might have to look for a ‘workaround’ such as connecting an Airport Express or Chromecast Audio to the Muso. Messy, I admit, but it would work.

Hello Terry,
as far as I know Naim added the Airplay 2 support middle 2018 for the Muso devices. May be it’s a mishmash between the Airplay versions. Don’t know if this Aiplay-Version difference matter for roon.