Naim Mu-So now enabled without airplay

Is this a new feature, because tonight I’m able to play from my Mac mini to Naim Mu-So not using airplay, so I am now getting lossless at 44.1…sounds much better with all the purple lights on!

Hi Mark,

I doubt Naim have silently updated their firmware to become a Roon Ready device. There was some recent discussion about the Naim Uniti Nova a different device I know but it’s worth a quick read.

Going back the purple lights: Airplay is limited to std-res audio but it does support lossless, so don’t read too much into the purple lights when playing standard resolution files.

Can you upload an image of Roon’s signal path so we take a look at what might be happening here.

Also try playing a hi-res track, to see what happens.

Yes, some screenshots would be intriguing.


Hi Carl,

I’m including various screenshots of settings and different music files. I’m intrigued to know your opinion. Unfortunately I don’t have any high res files 24 bit 192kHz

Also downloaded his res file from Bowers & Wilkins 24bit 192kHz

It’s actually still Airplay.

What’s happening is that your Mac Mini is conected to the Mu So via airplay, and Roon sees this connection as a separate device.

So the chain becomes Roon -> Mac Mini -> Airplay -> Muso

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Thanks for the info. It does sound better this way and much louder. On airplay settings a nice volume would have been 60 and with the above connection settings 30 is the equivalent.

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