Naim muso 2nd gen roon ready


Not price info though

£1,299 ($1,599, €1,499)

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Muso 2 is also about to get Airplay 2. Airplay 2 was announced by Apple in 2017 and released to IOS in mid 2018!

Ugh I really hope they are able to make the original muso Roon ready. Right now I have an SB Touch -> DAC -> analog in of the muso for roon.

I don’t know that I am willing to shell out $1600+ to upgrade for a cleaner setup.

We’ve got our Muso 2nd Generation. I can confirm it is Roon Ready, Airplay 2, Chromecast, Bluetooth and sounds substantially better than the previous version. HDMI is a nice addition too.


It is priced at £1299. A jump from the previous generation’s price, but a solid improvement warrants it.

It is using Focal speakers too (they own Naim) so even if nothing else changed it would have sounded better I expect.

Doh!; yes correct, I was reading about Airplay 2 release for the Uniti range, shortly after the Naim mailer took me to the site to look at the Muso 2.

There is certainly a clear improvement in performance, but I wouldn’t say that’s exclusively due to the Focal drive units. We didn’t take on Focal as a brand, we preferred the sound of B&W!

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Very excited about the Naim 2nd gen and looking forward to reading reviews/comparisons.

I assume the Naim will utterly trounce the new B&W Formation Wedge (~£800) and Bluesound Pulse Mini 2i (£499) in terms of SQ?

Can anyone say anything about how the Naim v1 compares to the Bluesound Pulse Mini 2i? I know it is no contest in terms of power, but what about sound signature etc.

Hi Rob. What sample rates does it’s Chromecast input support? 96kHz supported?

Oh I almost buy KEF LSX as TV speaker, but now maybe I should wait for the new Mu-so.

It appears to accept a 96kHz Chromecast signal without stuttering. However, I have no way to monitor if it is downsampling internally to a lower resolution.

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Thanks Rob.

If you use Roon to play 96kHz to the Muso’s Chomecast input, what does the Roon signal path show? Does Roon show it being down-sampled to 48kHz?

And I know “why would someone use Chromecast with Roon when it’s already Roon Ready?”… just for a quick test only, to see what Roon reports…

Using Roon shows that the Naim Mu-So 2nd Generation can not only take 96 kHz, but can accept 352.8 kHz from a converted DSD64 signal. Whether it downsamples internally I can’t tell you as there is no way of outputting a digital signal to monitor the sample rate.

For anyone who’s curious about the Loudness in the chain:


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Thanks @Rob_BrownGHF but that is using Muso as a Roon Ready endpoint… I figured the Roon Readyness was pretty well sorted… I was asking about using the Muso as a Chromecast endpoint… Roon should be able to see it as a Chromecast device?

Can you show what sample rate Roon shows in the signal path when playing 96kHz content to Muso as a Chromecast device?

As per previous message, before anyone asks “why would someone use Chromecast with Roon when it’s already Roon Ready?”… just for a quick test only, to see what sample rate Roon reports with 96kHz…

My apologies for the misunderstanding. It casts at 24 bit 44.1 (from 88.2 et al) and 48 kHz (from 96 et al).

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Thanks for testing @Rob_BrownGHF, much appreciated.

I am considering buying the Mu-so 2 for my living room since available space is very limited and I would appreciate some feedback from owners or those in the know…

  1. Do you think that the sound will suffer considerably if the Mu-so was placed on a shelf?
  2. In the event that I can justify the cost of two of these, is there a way to set them up to be grouped together so that one unit is playing Left and the other Right? I assume I can do this with Roon via DSP settings and Grouping, but I have never tried. Is it possible to set this up without Roon? If so, I’d appreciate receiving any info.
  3. How would you rate the sound quality as compared to active bookshelf speakers in this approximate price range (of a single Mu-so)?
    [EDIT: I prefer neutral and natural sound and my musical taste is broad – but no metal, EDM, or most popular pop… :-)]


If it’d like the Chromecast implementation in the other Uniti range then it will handle 96/24 by Chromecast.