Naim Muso Issue Since New QTS Update

QNAP HS453-DX 16GB, latest Roon

*Virgin Media, ASUS ROG GT-AX1100


2.xMuso - Wireless
1x Muso- Hard Wired

Description Of Issue

Since installing the new Roon Software I am having difficulties with my Muso’s.

Before the update - everything was fine.

Since update, all Musos are seen, and all turn on when playing music - music is shown as playing, volume control can be adjusted etc


there is no volume. No sound from any of the Muso’s.

Done the usual - restarted Core, restarted all devices, reset the Muso’s etc, but still the same issue.

These are Gen 1 Muso’s.

This has pretty much ruined my home network which was singing perfectly before :frowning:

Bump, is this in the correct place? @mike ?

How do you connect the Musos to Roon (AirPlay)? Do you run the latest Roon Server QPKG on your NAS?

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Yes its only Airplay on the 1st Gen Muso’s,

Yes Roon is fully up to date on my NAS.

It’s not about Roon, it’s about the application package. With a working FFMEG encoder AirPlay should work again.

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Hey, thanks for the advice its appreciated.

I’ve just read through that link, I literally don’t think I have the ability/knowledge to do that!

Please click on the blue thread title (it’s a link) to go to the other thread. If you start scrolling down there, you will see that there are already posts with explanations for starters. If you still have question/issues about installing the package or ffmpeg, please post them there,

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Thanks so much for this dude! All is working now.


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