Naim Muso QB alternatives

I have been a Naim user for over 20 years but I was also an early adopter of Roon and so had the fun ( genuinely) of using Sonore and other components to Roonify my Naim systems in the early days . Now of course Roon is supported natively on Naim. However, we have just had our kitchen re-modelled and whilst I love the sound of the Muso QB it doesnt really fit aesthetically with the kitchen.

What alternative small all in one speakers would people recommend. It needs to be Roon Ready so that I can group it natively with my 3 other Naim nodes . I look forward to the feedback

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This would be better under a category rather than unclassified so I’ve moved it to audio products which is a bit closer I think.

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I’ve not found anything in that form factor at that price point that sounds nearly as good. Are you willing to sacrifice sound quality (sometimes by a significant amount)?

Have the QB myself and is very satisfied. Actually, have not been able to find a better alternative.

I’m also curious, and one alternative I’ve seen is the B&W Formation series. An alternative if they don’t suit, design-wise, might be to find something that does, and smarten that with a Ropieee endpoint glued on.

It’d also be helpful if the RoonLabs website gave us an option to see the list of Roon Ready devices by function, and not by brand… but, well…

Bluesound Pulse maybe : to check if that suits you

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I went with the Bluesound Pulse and have been pretty happy with it but its pretty big. It sounds pretty good for the $'s.

Bluesound also have the Pulse Mini, which is 33cm (length) x 17cm (depth) x 15cm (height).
Naim Mu-So qb2 is 21cm (length) x 21cm (depth) x 22cm (height)
Bluesound Pulse Flex is 12,5cm x 10cm x 18cm

So the Pulse Flex seems to be the smallest option !

Change your kitchen… :+1:t2:


Hi folks , just wanted to say thanks for the feedback and that I went with the Pulse Flex and I am really pleased . Sounds good, fits in with Kitchen décor and integrates seamlessly with my Naim systems . Great result