NAS Drive not seen by Roon

How do I get Roon software running on IOS to recognize my NAS Drive? The drive is a Synology DS116 connected via Ethernet cable to my router as is my MAC computer. The NAS is visible on my network? I’m running iOS 10.11.6


First off you should update you iPad to iOS 11.xx so that the current Roon Remote 1.5 version can be installed.

However, on iOS this this is only a Roon Remote, the Roon Core needs to run on a device running Windows / MacOS or Linux (Roon Server Only).

Can you confirm you have installed Roon or Roon Server (v1.5) and why you have installed it!

Also check out the Roon Knowledge Base especially the Getting Started and NAS sections.

I haven’t downloaded Roon remote on my iPad. I have Roon downloaded on my Apple IMAC computer and that’s where the core is located. I’m trying to use Roon to control the music on my NAS drive but Roon dosent recognize the NAS drive just the hard drive on my computer?

Have you added the nas shared folder via settings, storage on the Roon core?
See the following Roon kb Page.

When I try and put in the info and password for the NAS ROON gives a message that it wasn’t able to install folder or that communication failed?

Also the music on my NAS is in 4 or 5 different folders I tried added those as well but the path the ROON sets up starts with my MAC hard drive instead of my NAS drive

Can you confirm you are going to

Add Folder
Add Network Share

Then typing in the path to your folder eg \\\Music (This is an example your path will probably be different)

You may need the user and password for the NAS eg Admin then the default password or whatever you have changed it to?

I know the IP address of the NAS drive as well as the user name and password. When I put in the IP address is there anything that I need to put the field with the IP address?

Yes the path to the folder where your music is, so if we assume you nas ip is and you music is in a folder called hires then you type the following


This assumes you have set the folder as a shared folder on the nas?

So I will need to put this in for each of the folders on the NAS drive since each of the 5 folders have a different name? I’d need to add the NAS 5 times one for each folder?

Yes each folder has to be added, I have 10! You can type the full path and repeat it for each folder as it is fairly straightforward and you will only need to do it once, but once you add one the next time you do the add folder it will show the path at the top of the screen to the folder you have added previously, by clicking on the nas ip it should show you all of the folders available to add, you select the next one you want to add and then repeat the process.

Have you managed to add one folder? Let’s take one step at a time…

Sorry, I misunderstood as you said the operating system was iOS (that iPads / iPhones run) rather than OSX (MacOS) that the iMac runs.

I’ll leave you getting support from Ratbert, but note Roon does not support Apple Filing Protocol (AFP) so you need to make sure your NAS has SMB (CIFS) network sharing enabled.

I’ve managed to get all 5 folders on the NAS to appear in the Roon so now how do I access the music?

So it looks like Roon is slowly downloading the files? But if they are on my NAS drive why does ROON need to download them and to where?

So between the five folders on my NAS I have 13k albums but only 437 show up in ROON?

Roon will scan your folders and catalog the music. It’ll take a while. If Roon sees all your folders your music will appear after the scans are done. Took about an hour or two in my case.

Roon doesn’t download them it builds a db of your music library containing all the metadata on the core device which in your case is the iMac, your music will always remain untouched on the NAS.

Thanks. I let it download overnight. Looks like it scanned 8.4k of the 13.7k albums that are on my NAS then ROON crashed/shut down. I re started ROON this am and it went right back to scanning and adding albums. Is this common for ROON to crash/shut down?

Was it Roon or did your iMac sleep? No it should not be common for Roon to crash/shutdown.

Hi, Roon is pretty stable on the platforms I have used it on so a crash is unusual. However the initial analysis Roon does will work your Mac hard and if you have its cooling profile set to quiet/silent then it might overheat and shut itself down. It won’t have to work that hard again, analysis is pretty much a one off so once it is done you can relax and assess Roon objectively.