NAS in standby mode?

Roon Core Machine


Networking Gear & Setup Details

Vigor router, several 1gb switches

Connected Audio Devices

Cabled network to Naim streamer

Number of Tracks in Library

No idea, really

Description of Issue

My music collection is on a Synology 214 Nas. I am trying to make it go into standby mode after 30 minutes of inactivity. However, it refuses to do so. I told Roon to scan once in 24 hours. But I see Roon also does a ‘real time’ watching. I suspect that this means it never gives my Nas any real rest. Apart from a daily backup of my work files, nothing else accesses the NAS. My offline collection hardly changes anymore since I have Qobuz, so I don’t really need any real time monitoring. Is my diagnosis correct and what might the solution be? With energy prices going through the roof I don’t want to use unnecessary wattage. Thanks in advance - Leo

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Probably/likely true.

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Well, that’s a pretty long list of things we all probably do on our NAS, which means almost everything may prevent hibernation. I am still curious as to a Roon-specific answer. Is real-time monitoring a must for Roon to function? If not, how do I turn it off?

No (for remote storage).

You can’t do that in Roon. AFAIK this is a feature of SMB v3 – so if you forbid SMB v3 connections on your NAS, Roon should fallback to use only the configured rescan interval.

It was your decision to use a two device/PC setup for Roon instead of a single device setup. You can always come back and reconsider.

So with that in mind, you now know how much space is needed . You can add internal or external storage to your Nucleus – use the NAS only as a backup device for your music library (and other important stuff). In this scenario, Roon is no longer “realtime watching” your NAS and the NAS should be able to go to into stand-by (if Roon is the only reason that prevents this currently).

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Thanks, BlackJack. Yes, installing an SSD in the Nucleus is probably the best solution. My two-device approachstems from the fact that I had the NAS long before buying Roon and Nucleus, so all my music was already on the NAS (accessed it via a Mede8er MED800X3D).

You can also use an external USB drive.

True, but would that affect the speed over the network? Or would that be negligible?

The speed of a HDD USB drive is already faster than is needed for playback.

@Leo_Reijnen - can we mark this Support request as closed? Thanks.

Yes, Geoff. I got the answer I was looking for.

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