NAS Synology 1520+ "unexpected error" from Mac


I am using Roon (free trial period) and I want to install Roon Core on my NAS Synology 1520+.

I followed @crieke procedure, separating RoonServer on an SSD disk and the music base in Music. I can’t connect from my Mac to the NAS … I get an “unexpected error” message.

Hello @Jerome_Malbrel and welcome to the forum.

If Roon Server and also your music library is located on your NAS, what has your Mac to do with this?
Is your Mac OS giving you this error? Can you access other shares on that NAS from your Mac without issues? Can you possibly share a screenshot of the error message?
Do you try to use Roon’s “Add network share” funtionality and if so why?
Note: With the changes that Synology introduced with DSM 7.0+ this functionality is defunct in Roon and you have to use other ways to give Roon on your NAS access to shares located on other machines in your network.

Here is the photo of the anomaly

Music is a shared folder on the NAS. If I mount a remote folder, is it a music subfolder?
Where do I save the connection edit?

Why do you even try to do that? Is this a different NAS than the the one Roon Server runs on? If not, just point Roon to the local music directory.

I don’t understand that question without more context.

I don’t understand that question without more context.


I managed to mount a remote folder between the Mac and the Nas. But I’m still stuck adding a network directory beetween Roon and Nas.

I need to only point roon to nas because locally I don’t have enough memory. How to know if roon server points to Nas. I installed the spk on the Nas. Inside Roonserver on the Nas, I don’t see the Raat…?

You wrote that Roon Server is installed on the NAS. Is this true and is your Roon on the Mac connected to the Core on the NAS? If yes, then just point Roon to your local music library on the NAS (if needed and not automatically configured). You may also read the following post from the package maintainer about setting up RoonServer on DSM 7:

AGAIN: Adding network shares in Roon is impossible if the server runs on DSM 7.

If Roon Server runs on the NAS as you wrote, any directory on the NAS is already local. What you refer to as local is possibly your MAC and if that is true, is remote.

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