Roon Server on Synology DSM 7 Situation

Sure like to help but i’m kinda busy and this is not really the forum to talk docker stuff.
So good you guys figured out that you have to map stuff.
Also you need to add host networking (only do that for containers you trust) instead of bridging so roon can easily reach your devices.
Basically when you would have set up the container with a command like mentioned on the docker hub page thats done for you (but when using the synology gui you ll find the options too)

docker run -d
-e TZ=“Europe/Amsterdam”
-v roon-app:/app
-v roon-data:/data
-v roon-music:/music
-v roon-backups:/backup

also make you sure your not running virtual machine manager that screws up some network discovery stuff (or at least that was the case for me on dsm6.2)

the advantages of the docker containers is that you roon will always be easy to update (normally)

@crieke @Rde Thank you for your support and advice looking forward to @crieke test install to avoid any further Docker chat (apologies if I should have posted elsewhere) Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

@crieke @Rde Thank you to for your support.
@crieke Looking forward to your test install. Keep on the good working of making Roon-Synology available for us as newbie users.

@Alan_George Want to let you know that i am a happy camper too. Roon is working 100% from Docker. Thankx for your support.

I have put together a beta build of Roon Server for DSM7.
It might still have issues and I am researching if they can be solved.

Currently these issues are known:

  • New audio files not added immediately to Roon’s Library
  • Network shares can’t be mounted within Roon (See current workaround below)
  • AAC streams might fail
  • there is no audio support for local USB Audio devices (and as it currently seems, it won’t be possible)

Network shares require root permissions, which are no longer allowed for Third-Party apps on DSM7. You can still mount a network share in Synology File Station.

By default an app is executed as its own user. This user has no permissions to read or write any files on the Diskstation. Because of that, you’ll be asked during installation where to store Roon Server’s database and in which shared folder your music files are stored. This is required to give Roon Server permissions to write in its specified database directory and read access to your music files (Roon Server will have no permissions to write or modify files in your specified music shared folder. Yay!!)

In Roon’s browser you can only browse your specified music directory. If you need access to other folders, you can give Roon Server access to it. You just need to go to Control PanelShared Folders, select the shared folder and click Edit. Go to the Permissions-tab and switch from “Local Users” to “System Internal User”. There you can give read or write permissions to the RoonServer user.

Download Roon Server for DSM7 beta from my RoonOnNAS website


A big thank you and congratulations.

Very happy about being able to enforce access control to ensure no acidental deletions occur.

Ps: for anyone wondering, it seems the final release of DSM7 will come no sooner than June from what I could gather from a google search, but it’s just speculation I guess, no real date yet.

All the best

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That’s great news. It always bothered me that Roon runs as root on my synology. Plex in comparison changed to a non-root user a couple years ago - the only change I remember having to do is give it permissions to my media shared folder.

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Thank you very much for your work and effort.

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It works great, I did not add any files yet, but I will give some feedback on it later.


Thanks for getting this beta out! Installing now and will report back…

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I installed on DSM 7 beta but fails to start. Gave RoonServer user R/W to RoonServer dir on external SSD volume via USB and Music Shared folders, any suggestions?

Moved the RoonServer shared folder to local volume and Roon starts…

I have been having some instability, sometimes the server restarts with no motive. Connection stability is not the best.

will it be possible to maintain database continuity when updating to DSM 7? Having just popped an SSD into a spare bay in my 6.2.3 1520, I am expecting it to be my main core now. Can the database be preserved when I update to DSM 7 or will it be a rebuild?

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I was unable to get Roon working with my external SSD connected via USB. However, I installed Roon on the local volume and restored the database, everything was preserved.
Seems to be working great otherwise…

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Downloaded roonserver for DSM 7 today, on a DS418play with 4G of memory, and an external memory stick attached to one of the USB port of the Synology for database.

Install works.

Then the package goes in “Repair” mode.

When I click on Repair, it says “Failed to run the package service”

I checked the rights to the folder music (Read OK), and to the USB where database will be (R/W OK)

Under /var/packages/RoonServer it creates an empty file named startFailed.

I can hardly go further :slight_smile:

If enough of us pressed Synology with feature requests, I wonder if they’d include selective granting of root permission for third party apps?

Did you try moving the database to the local volume? I could not get it to work on an external USB connected SSD drive…even with R/W permissions for RoonServer user.

Sounds good.
But after install, when I try to launch Roon server app on the Synology, it tries to open a webpage in my browser 192.168.1.xx:8888 and it failed (ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED)
I tried to customize my firewall etc. but there’s nothing working on…
If you have an idea, that will be great.