Roon Server on Synology DSM 7 Situation

Hello everyone,
The upcoming DSM 7 for Synology Diskstations seem to change several things for third-party app developers.
One of those things is, that a third-party app has fewer privileges. A third-party app for example can’t run as root or system-user anymore.
The current Synology installer won’t work on the Technology Preview of DSM7 (or the final DSM 7 when it is released).
I am currently looking into this, to find options, having Roon Server run, according to these changes. But it will probably take some time.


I don’t see this as an immediate issue for existing users as updating will probably be optional, but for new units the DSM7 might be a requirement and this will no doubt irk some new users of the platform.

We are going to probably see similar issues on MacOS 11 no doubt too - as things get tightened up for apps.

thanks for the warning. I would normally update my Synology NAS as soon as DSM7 would be available but will now wait till your Roon server implementation works.