Roon Server on Synology DSM 7.0 Preview

I just updated my Synology 918+ to the just recently released DSM 7.0 Preview. As I almost expected the Roon Server for Synology is currently not able to run under DSM 7.0. So be warned if you depend on running Roon on your Synology NAS. I just wanted to create this thread so developers can maybe give some feedback on if and when a new Server version that is compatible with DSM 7.0 will be released. I’m also happy to give new versions of the Server a try if this could support developers in the process.


Same here. I’ve fired up Roon in a Container and restored from backup until this package is back up and running.

I was just able to start the sever manually with the following command via SSH:

sudo /var/packages/RoonServer/scripts/start-stop-status start

Server is up and running.It’s not showing in the UI that it’s running but Roon finds my core again. So at least there seems to be a workaround.

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Flagging down @crieke, the maintainer.

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Thanks for the information. I am enrolled in the DSM 7 preview and was going to install but maybe I will wait a bit. Although the workaround seems viable…