NAS Synology Core - Denon DRA-800H - Audio airplay dissapear

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
Synology ds218+

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)
Wifi LAN on NAS - Core Client Windows 10 via Wifi

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)
Denon DRA-800H

Description Of Issue
I have a Synology ds218+ and if i set it as Core only few times I can i see my Denon DRA-800H. Most of all the time i cannot play music using it. Sometimes i see my Denon as device but dissapear in a moment.
If i choose as core my normal PC Windows works perfectly. The Client installed on my Pc recognize the Denon.
I’ve also try to disable/able vSwitch on the Synology settings but nothing happened.

Please help me cause i would like to pay for 1 year of roon but using my NAS as core

Hello Support… can you help me?

I can ping @support for you. Until then, make sure you are not running any Firewall or Antivirus on the synology.

Also, the base CPU for RoonServers is an Intel i3, not a Celeron, so that NAS will be a bit underpowered.

Hi @stefano_scipione,

If it’s currently enabled, can you try disabling this and then reboot? In the past we’ve seen this type of behavior cause issues with Airplay discovery.

Do you have any other Airplay devices? Are they exhibiting the same behavior?

Hi, the vswitch is desable and I’ve also tried to reboot the nas (no antivirus and no firewall installed)
I’ve no other airplay devices.
Seems very strange because if I use as core my windows pc is working good.
I’ve tried also to use Emby server and is working good, also recognised the denon has heos system! Emby is cheap server and not so good as roon… How can be possible!

I like very much roon and I would like to confirm it but without playing songs through nas is not a good solution.

Can you help me to understand what happens?

Hi @stefano_scipione,

Emby has been known to cause issues with Roon in the past since both Emby and Roon may try to use the same network port for communication.

I would try to temporarily disable Emby (and possibly Plex if you have this installed on the NAS) and verify what the behavior is like with these disabled.

As mentioned above though, you should be aware that your NAS does not meet our Minimum Requirements and you may have performance issues down the road if these requirements are not met.

Hi, Emby has been installed after these issues and not has been deactivated.
I don’t have Plex.
I know that my NAS is not the perfectly compromise ma seems work perfectly until now. The problem is the Audio/Denon. Any idea how solve the problem?

Hi @stefano_scipione,

Can you please try to disable Emby while we troubleshoot this issue?

When this behavior occurs, what does your Roon Settings -> Audio tab look like? Is it just the Denon that’s missing from the list or do other audio devices disappear as well?


Emby has been already deactivated.

Audio tab Roon shows the PC speaker nothing else and this is always present.

Denon most of all the time is not listed. Sometimes appear a disappear in a moment.

Hi @stefano_scipione,

What is your network setup like including model/manufacturer of your router/switches/ect? Perhaps there’s something we can investigate in that direction. If you connect your Windows Core in the same way that the NAS is connected, does everything still work as expected on Windows?

Hi, I have a router provided by my internet provider (Linkem) and I cannot change it cause it’s a special one that is allows to work with this Home connection.

If i connect My Pc (as client or/and as core) via Wifi or Ethernet Roon works fine and see my Denon.

I think that i have use permanently Ethernet connection…

Hi @stefano_scipione,

Thanks for confirming that the PC works as expected. Have you by any chance tried reinstalling Roon on the Synology yet? You can do this by navigating to the Synology web config and setting a new database location for RoonServer.

nothing happened

Hi @stefano_scipione,

Nothing happened as in you reinstalled Roon and the issue is the same or nothing happened in the sense that you were not able to find out how to set up the fresh database?

Hello thanks for your help but the only way to run Roon with my Denon is by LAN ETHERNET cable.

Hi Stefano,

I also own a Synology 218+ NAS where my music collection is stored.
After initially using my Mac as core I switched the core to the 218+.
Chris Rieke has apparently done a great job in making this possible.

However based on my experience I cannot recommend using a 218+ as Roon Core:

The Roon performance never reached an acceptable level with 218+ as core, quite often it didn‘t work at all.
The main reason appears to be the - for this purpose - underpowered CPU of the 218+ which I continued to use for various other purposes.
The CPU usage of the 218+ was around 100 pct most of the time.

I then switched the core back to my iMac, which improved the performance but required me to keep the iMac running all the time.
Eventually I bought a NUC which runs as a dedicated Roon Core with Roon OS / ROCK installed.
It‘s only now that I am really satisfied with the performance.

The 218+ is still being used for storing my music library of abt 80.000 files.

Hi @stefano_scipione,

Apologies, but I’m not following here. You’re saying that you started off with a fresh database on your Synology and the issue does not occur when connecting over Ethernet? Only when the Denon is on WiFi? If that’s the case, you may want to keep using Ethernet connection for the Denon.

As @Jens_Michael_Arndt mentioned as well though, your Synology is under-spec’d and we cannot guarantee good performance when this unit is hosting the Rooon Core. I highly suggest using a properly spec’d Core with Roon.

Ciao Noris,
i’ve tried all the solutions but seems that Synology (core and library) + Denon DRA-800H works only via ethernet. So i’ll keep it as it is.

Another question: Roon now recognize that i have a Denon DRA-800H (i don’t know why now appear the brand!). Is there any possibility that Roon can play songs also via Heos system (Denon compatibility)? Now is playing only via Airplay.

As far as I understand, not at this time, the announcement was for tested and certified Airplay compatibility. I doubt Roon would add HEOS; if anything, it is more likely to have Denon add RAAT capability to their products. Which is what I would like.

Hello @stefano_scipione,

As per policy we cannot comment on future plans with partners. I strongly suggest that you also forward your comments to Denon and express your desire to see future enhancements with Roon integration.