NAS won't sleep & no automatic import

I am about a week into the trial with the following setup:

a) Roon server running on a Synology DS916+ NAS installed onto an SSD
b) The watched folder is on another HDD volume within the NAS. It contains around 2500 albums, 35000 tracks
c) I use a Mac Book and an iPod as control devices.

I have two problems which I suspect may be related.

  1. The NAS is configured to remove HDD power after 15 minutes but it never does.
  2. When I add new content to the watched folder, it is not imported automatically. The progress icon never appears and if I stay on the overview page, the numbers don’t change and no ‘new’ albums appear. If I force a rescan, the new content appears in under a minute.

Until I started to the Roon trial, the NAS was used as a UPnP server using Synology’s Media Server and the same source collection. My first instinct was that Synology’s notorious indexing service (which modifies the watched folder) was causing Roon to re-index too often and that perhaps the two of them were keeping each other alive. However, I read that Roon never modifies the watched folder so this is not the issue and once the indexing completes (which it does) the system should quiesce and all disc activity should stop.

In order to determine what was keeping the NAS awake, I stopped Roon and disabled the Synology indexing service. The NAS went to sleep 15 minutes later as configured. I then re-started Roon (and NOT the indexing service) and the NAS does not go to sleep and still no auto import.

Alex, the Synology Roon package was developed by @crieke on this forum.

This should probably be in the Synology section but I am sure he will come along now I have dobbed him in. I have the same NAS and same issue with no sleep (both me and my NAS!) and just thought it was something I had to live with. I don’t have the second issue. Any new content appears automatically for me.

Hey @Alex_Jeffrey – it would be helpful to know how you have your storage settings configured. A screenshot of Settings > Storage would be great.

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