Nativ Vista last try

Has anyone tried using a network bridge (like a Pi) to get the Nativ Vista to work with Roon?

It looks like this product is/was a music server and player. It would be useful if you explained what you are trying to accomplish.

Incidentally, I couldn’t find the manufacturer’s website.

They are out of business. They never completed Roon Certification so Roon as dropped them. It was an android based system. It works fine for local music playback from the internal memory, however I never loaded tidal or Spotify apps to it and now I can’t I trying to figure out the best ways to use it in current state or a back door way to reprogram and or repurpose

I think you are probably out of luck. You could try XDA forums and see if anyone has managed to load a custom ROM.

This is the discussion started around the time Nativ went bust. The device is essentially an Android tablet for the purposes of Roon. That means there may be a way of side loading the Roon API but it looks like it isn’t optimised for their screen. Also it runs a pretty ancient version of Android with no guarantee of long term future support.