Native DSD on Chord Mojo from Mac

I’ve had a search on this topic and did find a similar post, however its not really been answered. I can play back DSD files natively on the Mojo via a Windows 7 machine, however the option for native is not there when using my MacPro running High Sierra. Any ideas? This native works fine using other players, for example JRiver and the free Pine Player…

Hi James, for Mojo, MacOS only supports DoP and up to DSD256 via DoP.

For Mojo with Windows, there is the Chord ASIO driver to support Native DSD (and up to DSD512)

But there is no Chord Mac ASIO driver for the Mojo, to support Native DSD unfortunately.

From Rob Watts:

Chord ASIO drivers are only available for Windows.

Ah great, thank you for the definitive answer :slight_smile: much appreciated.

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