Native DSD to PCM; Roon 1.4 [Fixed in B294]

Hello all

Is anyone having any issues playing a native DSD file to a PCM-only endpoint?

i.e. any reported issues with DSD-to-PCM conversion with v1.4?

My dad’s Core is having this issue. Playing to a DSD DAC (ultraRendu > iFi iDAC2) it’s not an issue (there’s no conversion to PCM happening there) but to his Allo DigiOne > Denon AVR 4520 , he is having an issue with the latest updates to RoonServer and/or RoonBridge

Can someone kindly check a DSD file to a PCM only DAC? @brian

Yes, aware of this. There’s a build with a fix in QA right now…about to go into alpha overnight, and should be out to everyone tomorrow.


Absolutely no drama at all. Cheers Brian

I have Roon Server running on ROCK on the lastest and fastest Intel NUC7i7BNH. After updating all my Roon devices to Roon 1.4 it turned out that dsd to pcm conversion would produce a transport error message on the roon control device (here an iMac) running like “Transport: playback has failed due to unexpected error communicating with audio device”). Roon on ROCK would crash and automagically restart.

This behaviour is reproducible on any connected audio device.

Streaming DSD audio files as DoP via a Raspi-based Roon Bridge running DietPi would work fine. Streaming PCM with or without resampling to any device would also work fine.

Looks like there is some major problem with the ROCK setup on the NUC after the update to 1.4 (build 291) but I have no idea what happened and how to nail the problem down in this environment. I shut down the NUC and restarted ROCK several times - to no avail.

@support please help…

Wow - You are awesome! Not that you guys listened to all my (our) wishes for 1.4, you are also damn good at support - thank you!!

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