Need advice about adding an 8 TB SSD to my Nucleus+ & transferring music files to it

I have a Nucleus+ (rev A) server, currently with no internal hard drive. I need advice about adding an 8 TB internal SSD to it & the best way to transfer my existing music files (more than 125,000 tracks) to it from other servers on my ethernet connected home network. I am using a Windows 11 operating system.

By way of explanation I have two reasons for wanting to do this. The first is that my 2 TB server which is in my NAD M50.2 music player/ ripper/streamer/server) is full. NAD has not set up this machine to be able to attach larger portable hard drive via USB. The second reason is that I also have other servers on my network and I have been advised that having more than 1 storage location is probably the cause of some performance problems that I have been having with Roon.

So here are my questions:

  1. Does anyone have experience using a Samsung 870 QVO SATA SSD (8TB) or other 8 TB hard drives in the Nucleus+ & if so have you had any problems with them?

  2. What is the best way to transfer music from my existing servers to a new 8TB SSD on my Nucleus+?

  3. I have been backing up my Roon play lists to a USB connected portable hard drive connected to my Nucleus+. Am I correct in thinking that these playlists will not be preserved if I transfer all of my music files from my other servers, into a new 8 TB SSD on my Nucleus+?

  4. I was using my NAD M50.2 to rip CD’s to FLAC format and I thought that it did a good job of lossless ripping and had good CD music meta data retrieval via the internet. I can empty out its 2TB hard drive and continue to use it for ripping CD’s. Can anyone suggest a good alternative? I am loathe to use my DELL XPS8950 for ripping as I am fearful that its components & CD/DVD drive was not engineered to optimize CD ripping.

Greg, not sure if there are the same height/size limitations for the SATA port on the Rev A Nucleus, but have you considered a direct-attached external USB drive for your Nucleus, whether it is SSD or a traditional spinning disk HD? Music files should not matter for the type of drive for the music storage location. This may be an easier attempt to ensure this works, but it adds an external vs. internal drive to your Nucleus.

This SSD will fit in a Rev A Nucleus.

Have a search through the forum - I think the Samsung 8TB SSD has been mentioned before. Certainly the QVO type is eminently suited to music storage, being “read-mostly”, so the reduced write cycle spec is not relevant for this usage.

You will have to transfer files over the network to internal storage on the Nucleus.

Don’t worry about using your Dell for ripping. If you use dBpoweramp as your ripping application, this checks the validity of rips against the AccurateRip database.


I guess this means you’ve been using Roon’s Settings==>Backup to backup your library? Not sure, but I think that if you’ve change your music locations then Roon playlists might not find them. Dunno.

I rip from a i3 GEN8 NUC using a $25 drive. Hardware isn’t the problem.

dbpoweramp is the software of choice for many.

I would use an 8 tb external drive instead. Format it to exFat. Plug it into the PC and copy the music to it. Then just plug it into the NUC.


If you have all the music available from a single PC or MAC then using an external drive would save you LOTS of time transferring the files.

Unfortunately from your description of the locations you have files you appear to be needing to transfer over the network for some portion of it. Since this appears to be the case, I think either an external drive or internal drive would work well for you, the bottleneck will be the transfer over the network in either case. You “might” be able to speed things up if you can transfer everything to one spot temporarily on your main computer then transfer it all to an external drive. It comes down to what connection speed you get with the NUC vs what connection speed you get with your main PC. Say for instance you were able to hook the “server” locations directly to the PC to get a faster transfer as apposed to using the network connection. Depends on the throughput of your network hops.

I would test your link speed and decide which way would optimize the transfer.
I also depends on whether you want another device (the external drive and it’s power supply) sitting on the shelf or if you want to only have the Nucleus and storage all in one device.

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Have your read this FAQ entry?

I believe if you follow this process your edits and playlists will be kept.

From my experience, moving files to different folder or to a different drive in my multi-drive NAS is no problem. Roon will recognize the new location.

Temporarily, depending on which folder or drive get scanned first, the album may initially appear as a duplicate and then the “old” album will disappear. Sometimes, the “old” album will disappear temporarily initially and once the files get scanned on the new location, it will reappear.

An old post that addresses potential playlist issues -