Need advice for Roon Tested/Ready AV Amplifier

Hello everyone,

After research on the forum and internet, I need your help and precious advice for my next AV Amplifier in the cinema room I am building.

I am personally not really for 5.1 but kids are. So I am searching for an 5.1 AV Amplifier that can act as a Roon Endpoint (stereo only) as well. The idea is to have all the HDMI video inputs on it (Apple TV / Chromecast / Computer, etc…) and 2 front, 1 center, 2 back and 1 sub. I would like to use the 2 front speaker to play music in stereo.

So far the only amplifier that seems to be able to do so is this one:

Do you think I am heading in the right direction or should I just have a basic AV Amplifier with a HifiBerry or other DAC as one of the input? I am not sure I could switch remotely (without pushing a button on the amplifier) to the right channel for music with if HDMI is selected anyway.

I am really not knowledgeable in AV amplifiers and don’t know where to start.

Thank you for anything than can point me in the right direction,

Maybe look at Zidoo Z9X it’s roon ready and uses hdmi

Roon ready avr will be much harder to get and sounds like you can do with something more affordable in the interim…Nad is not exactly light on the wallet.

Thank you @wizardofoz!
NAD sounds good on paper (especially to configure the amp to your room and speaker installation) but I have no idea how it is in terms of sounds / audio quality for the price. Overpriced or is it really a good product?


Zidoo now has 2 more models Roon Ready now too

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