Need amp with HDMI ARC that syncs ON/OFF with TV

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I’m moving all our TV/gaming console/HIFI setup into the basement. I don’t want to get a surround setup with many speakers, as I already have a pair of descent passive floor standing speakers at hand. I’m looking for an amp, that turns ON/OFF in sync with the TV. When the kids turn on the TV, the amp should turn on, and the remote from the TV should control the volume of the amp (preferable with volume displayed on the amp). When the TV is turned off again, that app should turn off also.

My Roon setup runs on a different HIFI setup. Should I get the cheapest surround receiver I can get with HDMI ARC support (and run it in a 2.0 configuration), or is there another (cheap) solution that would be better? 2x60W is sufficient to drive my speakers. My budget is less is better :slight_smile:


I don’t have a specific recommendation, just a cautionary tale:
I replaced a TV recently.
I have 3 audio systems with ARC.
All systems worked as expected (ie your requirements) with all my prior TVs.
I ended up buying and returning 3 new TVs by different brands, none of which worked properly with ARC.
In each case the TV maker’s tech support insisted the issue was with my audio system and/or the Audio system’s tech support said it was the TV.
All suggested it could be a cable issue.
It’s likely there were variables at play I don’t fully understand but TV #4 works as expected with all my audio systems and I suspect it was in fact the TVs that were the problem.

Hopefully you won’t have any issues but I thought this info might be helpful if things don’t work as expected for you.

Thank You so much for sharing. What brand/model tv worked and what amp have you got?

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It’s an LG that ended up working.
I can’t recall the model number and I’m not near it right now.
Although I don’t love their WebOS. It’s slow and a few apps I use aren’t available.
But no worries really as I use an Apple TV as source.
Sony, Samsung, Insignia (Best Buy Fire TV) were all troublesome.
I use it with KEF LSXII.
The other ARC amps are a Yamaha WXC-50 (Network Preamp) and an Onkyo TX-8270.
The Onkyo is remarkably good for a sub $500 receiver.

Edit: Tv is LG 43UQ7590PUB

Have you considered a soundbar? I love my Bose Soundtouch 300. I realize you already have some speakers, but a soundbar does exactly what you want and is not expensive. My tv is an LG OLED65C7P.


Lyngdorf 1120.
Any modern class D with e arc / arc will do this. NAD and Cambridge etc offer such function.
Just need a suitable TV and HDMI cable.

Yes I have, but a descent sounder costs more than a good second hand AV receiver it seems.

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I had a pair of KEF LS50W II on loan from my local dealer, and they did not play well with my Samsung TV that’s a few years old now. It seems that especially Sony and Samsung don’t play well together either. I’d very much like to get a cheap second hand surround receiver, but I can’t test it to see if it works with our TV I’m afraid. Thanks for the advice.

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Any Denon or Marantz should work well. You’ll just need to enable the CEC I think it is.

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I’m wondering if ARC and eARC, are like I2S inputs on DACs in that there isn’t an established standard?

Edit: Also wondering if perhaps you could contact Samsung? Maybe they have info as to what brands of receivers are compatible with your TV and ARC?

Here’s the place for the hdmi, receivers, display questions.

So does your TV have analog (RCA) outputs? If it does just buy a second hand amp to connect your TV to your speakers. The TV volume adjustment will work for the AMP. There is a solid state Cambridge Audio P500 Stereo Power Amplifier for $150 bucks on Audigon that is 85 wpc. I think this would do well. Just leave the amp on all the time, no need to turn it off… It wont use much power and will sound better if left on.

HDMI is most definitely a standard.

ARC and EARC are features of HDMI. And I2S is a standard but was never intended to be used over cables.

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Interesting. Thanks.
Made me realize I was saying ARC or eARC when the issues were all CEC related.
This might explain it:

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I run a Denon and a Marantz AVR with an Apple 4K remote, this turns on/off the AVR, LG TV. Controls the volume of the AVR, changes the AVR input to the Apple TV. All you have to do is enable the CEC control in the Apple TV,AVR,LG TV then they play nicely together.

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Thanks everyone. I eventually bought a 2nd hand Denon X1100 (with the infamous broken display) for 30$. It does everything I need it to do and sounds great. I can live without the display working. In fact I very much like the display not working :slight_smile: