Need Build 1143

Roon Core Machine

Roon Server 1148 on Synology 720+ NAS (2 m2.ssd used as volume for roon db)

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Program and music files on spinning disks (2x16TB), roon db on m2.ssd volume inside NAS

Connected Audio Devices

Chromecast, AppleTV, RME-ADI on Macbook Air

Number of Tracks in Library

60.000+ tracks

Description of Issue

Reread all my music files in version 1143 and wanted to downgrade to 1.8 afterwards.

Unfortunately I forgot to disable the auto-update, so today I woke up with 1148 installed and downgrade possibility gone.

May I kindly ask to get an offline installer for build 1143, please? - I will then do the read-in a 3rd time.

TIA and kind regards,

Hi Christopher,

@crieke Was caught by the automatic update trap yesterday and want to stay with Roon 1.8 - the ability to use it offline looks good for me, also I realised that I don’t need ARC since I already had a working VPN solution with WireGuard on my Fritzbox and downloading HIRES content is not an option on a 64 GB iPhone :-).

Is it possible to install Build 1143 using an offline installer? Could you provide one or point me to it?


PS: Would even install 1.8 from scratch, but since probably some “legacy” wording is added to several paths in Roon, it doesn’t find shared folders on my NAS any longer, always throws “unexpected errors”. So this seems to be no option.

You don’t have a database backup from a former 1.8 installation?
If you’ve one, you can install 1.8 legacy and take your backup.

Unfortunately I was new to Roon and right after my library was built for the 1st time, the update came along and I didn’t think much about it and installed. - Live and learn…

I would even restart from scratch but some changes in Roon server path naming (adding a “legacy” somewhere) prevents the adding of shared folders on my NAS. So I’m stuck.

A big thanks to @crieke, who fixed the 1.8 installer. Now I was able to reinstall 1.8 on my NAS and the app finds the shared folders on the NAS. Everything back to normal.


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