Need Help - iPad remote access to core not working - please help

Roon Core Machine

iMac Apple M1, memory 16GB, MACOS Ventura 13.0.1, 940GB available

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Comcast router Wi-Fi, latest model, 1+gig speed

Connected Audio Devices

Bluesound Node 2i, Ethernet connection

Number of Tracks in Library

8,917 tracks in library. I stream from Tidal & Qobuz.

Description of Issue

My system was working great until about a week ago. Then when I tried to play music with my iPad Pro 11”, 3rd generation, IOS 16.1.1, I couldn’t connect to my iMac core.
I have thoroughly enjoyed Roon since I signed up with it. I have tried reading the knowledge base help info, but sadly most of it is over my head. I called Apple to see if they could help me, but they walked me through some system checks, then told me to reach out to Roon. Currently suffering from withdrawal stress of not being able to play my music. Please help.

@Nick_Tessitore, can you go into your Comcast router and confirm the IP address of your iMac M1 and your iPad (in other words, that they are on the same network as seen by the router)? The should have IP addresses such as where only the “yyyy” numbers are different.

Also, is your iPad visible in Roon’s Settings → Audio tab that you can view on your iMac Core? It is possible that your iPad may need to be Enabled again.

Success! I can now access the Roon core on my iPad. I am back in the music business. When I was checking for my ip address on Comcast, I noticed I did not see my iPad as active. Comcast rebooted my router and fixed it. Then I was able to open Roon remote on my iPad.

I have been considering getting off the iMac as a core and purchasing to Roon Nucleous. Would I be better off with that product? At my limited experience level, would it be extremely difficult to make the change?


One more thing. On the topic of is my iPad visible in Roon Settings. When I went to the Audio tab, I do not see my iPad as an item anywhere on the page. I am puzzled. Yet I have remote access on my iPad. Should I be worried?


Are you using the same iPad to view the Audio tab? The Roon app on the iPad must be open/running to see the iPad in the Audio tab.

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The only reason for getting a separate core machine would be if you use your iMac for other tasks that are heavy enough to interfere with Roon. If you do need a separate machine, the Nucleus has the advantage of being appliance-like, but since you are a Mac user, a Mac Mini M1 running headless could also be a good option.

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@Nick_Tessitore, I marked this as solved, but as @Saturn94 noted, your iPad must be running the Roon app for the Core to see it.

Concerning the change to a Nucleus or other platform or keep using the M1, with the recent update to Roon 2.0 and that Roon is a native M1 applicaiton now, I don’t see the need to change if everything is working. Danny has stated in other posts that the M1-compatible Apple application is as robust and scalable as the other versions on Windows or Linux.

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