Need Help to stream DSD to SD3100HV

not by its specs on the web.

hi wklie, I have disable both volume levelling and DSP.

i am using a USB connection to my t+a dac8 dsd – so, an ethernet network connection to the t+a sd3100hv might be different… but, this is how i configured my dac as an audio device in roon:

in the DSD playback strategy drop down menu one can select how roon passes DSD content to the dac… again, not sure how this works for an ethernet connection but might be worth just having a look to see.

if network configuration is the same as USB, then select native if it is an option – otherwise, select DoP

This is the menu in Roon Device Setup.

Nothing on DSD!!!

one possibility, I see that the sd3100hv is not currently listed as either a roon ready or a roon tested device:

searching the roon community i found this dec-2019 post from roon support staff that indicates it is possible that for this reason roon will not pass DSD content to such devices:

this might be something to investigate and/or contact t+a support for more information

You can find more info on the Audiophyle Style forum at
T+A new flagship streaming dsd1024 dac

You can also try to leave a message tomember OE333 at that forum. He is the lead developper at T+A.


@Larry_HV would you be able to answer this question? Thank you.

In the useful thread on Audiphilestyle posted by @anon90297517 above, OE333 suggests in post #77 that you may need to go through HQPlayer to achieve this. At least for DSD512 and above.

Thanks to all for the great supports to resolve the DSD issue. Please advise if the MQA playback is set correctly below. Thanks

Streaming DSD from a roon server to SD3100HV is possible in two ways:

1.) Use a direct USB connection between roon server and SD3100HV. Via USB you can transfer native DSD up to DSD48kx1024 (DSD1024) to the SD3100HV provided your roon server runs on a Windows or Linux PC. MacOS only supports DoP. This will limit DSD over USB to DSD256.

The direct USB connection is limited to 3 meters of distance between server and SD3100HV (I have done 6 meteres with a good quality USB cable - but cable length is limited).

2.) My recommendation is to install HQPlayer alongside roon on your server PC. HQPlayer really delivers an outstanding sound quality and is capable of doing DSD up to 1024 (requires some processing power though).
I think the money for HQPlayer is well spent…

HQPlayer works well with roon (the whole roon user experience remains as it is - HQPlayer works completely in the background, just doing the upsampling / DSD conversion and taking care of transmitting the data to the SD3100HV.

HQPlayer can transmit DSD to the SD3100HV either over ethernet or directly via USB. Using ethernet you can bridge any distance between roon server and SD3100HV (not just the 3m USB distance).
Upsampling to DSD 1024 and transmitting the data to the SD3100HV over ethernet works absolutely stable and perfectly well.
Please note: for DSD1024 GBit ethernet is required (for DSD512 a 100MBit LAN is sufficient) !

Larry (aka OE333)

Hi Larry,

I just wanted to add for others reading, that if you follow Larry’s advice on HQPlayer, then you will need to use Windows or a Linux distro to run them both, not ROCK or a Nucleus, because they cannot run HQPlayer.

However, if you have a ROCK or NUcleus, you can add another PC to run HQPlayer and connect
the SD3100HV.


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Hi Larry,
I am very thankful for your advice. So I have to install HQPlayer 4 Desktop into my MacBook Pro/Roon and I should be able to stream DSD to the SD3100HV by the ethernet connection. I have a Gbit internet connection. Below is the spec of my MacBook Pro, do you think it might not have the processing power to do 1024, if so what is the best solution for me.

Any ideal why I am getting a “uncertified” error on my SD3100HV. Thanks again for all the supports.

![SD3100HV Uncertified in Roon|690x431]

Uncertified usually means that device has not finished the certification process.

But, you would not be using that audio device in Roon if you are using HQPLayer as well. You would setup Roon to send the audio stream to HQPlayer, and from there, it is HQPlayer that manages the stream to the NAA audio device, so you would be setting up the SD3100HV in HQPlayer

Hi Lee,

the performance of your MacBook is definately not enough to do DSD1024.
DSD 1024 is VERY demanding - I use a Core i9-9900K (8 cores) @ 3.6 GHz plus a Geforce GTX2060 graphics card as co-processor to do DSD1024 and this is really needed.

For DSD512 the limits are well below that and a core i7 normally will be ok - at least on Windows and Linux machines - I have not tried it on a Mac though.

as a point of reference… i am using an i7 8700 processor for dsd512 upsampling from roon ROCK running on a DIY dedicated server/streamer. performance is solid and roon reports the processing speed as 2.8x which i believe corresponds to a cpu utilization of ~36%

I am very grateful to all for your response in helping me to stream DSD to SD3100HV. So now I know that I need a new laptop if I want to stream DSD 1024. I found the ASUS Zenbook Pro Duo UX581GV-H2037T (Windows 10) pretty similar to the spec Larry recommended at $3.7K. If I just stream limited DSD with the Macbook Pro and HQPlayer for now, do I have to pay additional cost for the Roon and HQPlayer softwares when I decide to migrate to ASUS Zenbook Pro Windows 10 later?
Appreciate all the supports from the community.

Well, actually, not quite. That is a mobile CPU. Everyone has been recommending desktop CPUs. Even though a mobile CPU might say i9 it is not as powerful as the desktop version. Likewise, that NVIDIA card may have the same Number but the mobile version is not the same as the desktop version.

And if high rate DSD by HQPlayer is what you are after you need a powerful desktop CPU AND a good NVIDIA card. Especially if you want to use the EC versions.

Daniel Beyer,
Thanks for the note of caution as I am not aware that the mobile CPU capability is not as powerful as the desktop CPU version. Due to space constrain in my listening room, I only have a 20 inches diameter coffee table beside the listening chair where I set the Macbook Pro. Looks like I have to shelf the idea of streamining DSD 1024 and make do with the HQPlayer and Roon in the MacBook Pro. Here again I am very thankful for all the help.