Need Help Troubleshooting Two New MacBook Pros not functioning simultaneously seen as duplicate

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Nucleus+ with internal SSD for FLAC/MP3 file storage (no external file storage) running latest OS Version 1.0 (build 175) + Roon Server Version 1.6 (build 416)

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Ubiquiti setup (Unifi Security Gateway 4 Pro, Unifi 16 port switch, Unifi AC Pro WiFi AP
all devices are running most current firmware and software)

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

4 iOS devices (2 iPad Pros, 2 iPhone X all connect via WiFi)
Mark Levinson No,. 519 connected via Cat6
2 MacBook Pros connect via WiFi
4 Sonos zones (2 connect via Cat6, 2 connect via WiFi)
(All devices running most current software)

Description Of Issue

Not sure how to describe the problem. Everything seems to be functioning perfectly except the two MacBooks.

Context: I set up Roon & Nucleus+ last December and everything functioned perfectly within the ecosystem, All devices worked flawlessly. A couple of months ago I replaced all the Apple devices (e.g. laptops, iPhones, iPads). Installed Roon on all new devices, everything worked okay.


  • Not sure when the issue crept in but now the two MacBook Pros seem to be conflicting with each other. Within Roon they seem to be seen as one device.
  • Nothing has changed in the ecosystem except applying patches and updates to software on all devices including Roon.
  • The two MacBook MacOS devices seem to be linked somehow and only one zone will play music at a time.
  • I’ve confirmed the laptops have unique IP addresses,
  • I’ve restarted Roon, reinstalled Nucleus OS, tried a lot of things in the Roon setup but nothing seems to correct the situation.
  • Within Roon I named the laptop zones with each of my wife’s and my first names.
  • I noticed the problem when I saw my wife in Roon on her laptop, What caught my eye was I saw my name as her zone.
  • Each zone was set up as private. then switched to non-private, no change in behaviour.
  • That got me digging and I realized that my laptop zone and her laptop zone are now linked or are behaving as a single zone
  • If I change the name of one zone it changes on the other laptop’s zone also.
  • Laptop zones are not grouped.
  • Now only one laptop plays at a time even though if both laptops are on and connected to Roon you see both devices show up in the Audio settings with duplicate names.

I’m stumped. I will likely try reinstalling Roon client on the laptops but want to be sure I remove all traces of Roon on each laptop before reinstalling. Also would like to remove all traces of each laptop on Nucleus+ before trying to reinstall. Please advise. Cheers,

Did you clone or use the Apple Migration tool?

This might be happening because you somehow cloned the RoonBridge from one MB to the other.

A quick test would be to reinstall RoonBridge on one of the MBs. That will assign a new id.

Update on progress …
I never installed Roon Bridge - each laptop got a download of full Roon MacOS client.
In the past hour or so I decided to remove Roon from each laptop (delete client, remove Roon and RAATServer folders in ~Library folder)

  • in Nucleus admin console I reset Roon database & settings
  • re-configured Nucleus+
  • re-enabled Roon Server backups and did first new backup - successful
  • re-installed Roon full client on my laptop, launched application and reconnected to Roon Server (no pop-ups for enabling incoming network connections from server, or no pop-up for enabling incoming connections from RAATServer), went into settings and gave the MacBook zone a name (SM-Laptop)
  • reconnected my iPad, iPhone, Mark Levinson no.519 to Roon Server (Nuclear+) and tested each zone was working okay (and simultaneously). All Good!
  • redownloaded Roon client from Roon site and installed on my wife’s laptop,
  • launched her Roon application and was prompted to allow incoming connections from Roon and RAATServer.
  • I accepted incoming from Roon Server but left RAATServer window open, went into settings and again it showed my laptop zone as being connected to her laptop (see screen cap).
    I’m stumped.

that’s a good question. I honestly don’t remember now if I rebuilt her laptop from scratch or restored from her time machine backup. I think I started from scratch and reinstalled everything manually and copied her ~Documents folder manually. I just can’t remember.

Hello @Stuart_McFarlane,

I’ve reached out to you via PM with further instructions.


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