Need Help with Ropieee DigiAMP EndPoint Pls

My apologies, Gordon. Ugh. :flushed: I have adjusted my spam settings.

I will try the quicktest. The first time I downloaded it, it failed to unpack, but I will try again with a different approach.

I also tried the RAAT image. I imagined that the kit would be configured within Roon. But Roon would not recognize it. The RPi lights seemed to indicate it hadn’t fully loaded (intermittent green) but this was its state four hours later. [My only experience is Ropieee which, at steady state, blinks every 1/2 Hz.]

I’m using 32GB memory, and Etcher or PiFiller (Mac) to flash. I will keep you posted. Here, PM, or email?

Hi John, no issue - want to get you up and running.

You can reach me on