Need to reboot ROCK periodically

I have experienced the same problem the last couple of weeks so if it can be of any help in investigating the issue I`ll post my setup below.

NUC7i7BNH, COrsair, 8GB ram, 250GB samsung 850 Evo, USB HDD connected. Rock (latest update). Tidal service. Mainly control through ipad Mini 5 and iphone X both with latest ios and roon. Stream to 1 Linn Akurate DSM, 1 Sonos Amp, 1 Sonos playbase (both with lagest software) and 1 raspberry pi 3b with bridge. NUC and Linn connected with wire from Unify Security Gateway and switch. Wireless through Unifi nano HD.

Hi @jesper,

Just to confirm, during the time this occurs you’re able to browse Roon okay but you can’t start playback? Is this the case for all endpoints or just specific ones?

Does this happen for both local and streaming content?

I have had this issue lately where I can browse Roon but not play local or Tidal or Qobuz on any endpoint. Reboot fixes this until it happens again.

I use the same model NUC as Jesper with a usb- connected hard drive.

I use my other end points so rarely with roon i don’t dare to say but it is definitely the case with Linn endpoint and Tidal. And yes i can browse but not play. Will make note of this the coming days and let you know if I see a pattern. My internet connection is very fast and stable though.

Please do note this as it is a useful data point to have. If the behavior occurs on multiple zones, that would give us clues if this is a Core issue or an Endpoint-specific issue.

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