Need to replace my MacBookPro

I have a mid 2009 MacBook Pro that I have been using as my Roon core, I am running it wireless as I don’t have an ethernet connection in the room my set up is in. I don’t run the MBP headless and I usually have it alway on which has caused the problem which is now requiring me to replace it. I have the MBP connected to a Marantz HD_AMPI 1(integrated amp DAC) via USB and a 4TB Glyph external HD via firewire that holds all of my music files. This setup feeds my 2 Paradigm bookshelf speakers and it sounds wonderful as is. I am looking at replacing the MBP with the Sonic Transporter I5 but I do not think I can do that wirelessly. I have also been reading a lot about the Microrendu device and am wondering how I could make this work without moving my main system out of the room it is currently in to get ethernet access. Is there a way to make this work? I have read that I could get ethernet by using one of those wall outlet adapters but am wary about going that route. Is there an option to use my router which is in the basement that would work or do I simply have to settle for a solution like the IBM NUC? Hope I explained this geed enough to get some help.

for the connectivity part of your issue you could use eero pro system that has ethernet on each of the units as well as wireless.

For the connectivity piece: The wall outlet adaptors are noisy, which didn’t work for me since I have very sensitive speakers. The Eero approach mentioned above is great. For one of my systems I have an Eero receiving wi-fi, then feeding a SonicOrbiter via ethernet cable, which in turn connects with my DAC via an optical output. The MicroRendu would work the same way. Another option is to find an Oppo 203 or 205 (they are getting hard to find but they work well as endpoints using wi-fi and have a built-in DAC). I do that too.

For the core piece: Assuming you have ethernet in the one room where your MacBook is, there are endless options. I use a Mac for the core myself. If you don’t have ethernet at all, you could presumably use the Eero the same way, but I have not tried it.

I second the eero pro recommendation. I have 3 eeros , one each on all 3 floors of our house. Not currently using an eero ethernet connection, but I did for a time use an eero ethernet to connect to a Phillips Hue Hub and it worked well. One other option for ethernet is to use a MoCA adapter if your coax cable configuration will accommodate it. I’m using an Actiontec bonded system and it works as well as my directly connected ethernet network.