Needledrop sounds destroys my listening

So,tried to upload photos. To show processor speed.

Same song. Top photo is going Ethernet. 70!
Bottom photo is USB with core acting endpoint. 7…

All fine there then, 7x is nothing to worry about.

Sounds like the signal is clipping. As @CrystalGipsy said you may very well need more than -3dB headroom. Turn on the clipping indicator in the head settings page and observe. Red is bad more headroom is needed.

I run convolution filters and need -10dB to avoid clipping.

What do you mean by split, do you mean there’s a switch?

Yes, a switch.

Yeah, but look at the other 70. That’s the one I want to use. Using mediacard as endpoint, not the core.

It’s also only upsampling to 88.2 hence why its lower compared tothe other which upsampling to 705.6khz a bit more taxing on a CPU also not a sample rate I am familiar with.

But it’s the 705 that uses 7 and the 88 uses 70.

No I haven’t seen before either.

As far as I can see the Primare is not Roon Ready.
What protocol are you using to connect to the MC35?

Higher number is better, not lower. It’s how quick it’s going it not how much resources it’s using. If you get 1 or lower then your in trouble.

Oh. All goodthen. Thanks.

It should have been ready in January. The last i heard is mid June.
No idea what protocol is used🥺

eg AirPlay, Chromecast… should tell you in signal path.

(It’s not quite on your previous screenshot)

Sorry! Chromecast.

Terry Medalen at Primare said something about CC had an update a week or two ago. That could be the problem here.

Well it’s nearly mid-June…

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Been listening only to the NUC as endpoint for about 8-9 days. Going USB straight to DAC. Not a single pop or click.
This morning I took a chance and used the mediacard SM 35. Therefore using Ethernet cable. It took about 10 seconds for the first click. Very subtle, more like a micro skip. A very small stumble in the music. I would appreciate if one from the Roon staff would get involved. It really is a shame since w/o these skips the sound is a little better with Ethernet than USB.

I can add that Primare at this point can’t help me.