Network changes, need to reconfigure ROCK watched folder

Changed network provider and household network, now on TP-Link Deco mesh network running over network is on DHCP, but watched folder is pointing to old network IP on my NAS.

I’m trying to reconfigure via Roon Remotes but having no success finding a successfully accepted configuration. My NAS is Synology DS418J, so I am attempting \ds418j\music without success, and likewise every possible combination of \\music. Mostly I get ‘unexpected error’, except 1 IP address (115) returns invalid address.

Do I have to get my ROCK console out to do this ? Any suggestions ??

You have two subnets, and need to move the NAS to the same network as your core, i.e., everything should be connected to the Deco.

Yes, sorry, the NAS is on DHCP on the .68 network too. Its just the address on ROCK pointing to the old subnet.

In that case, navigate to Roon Settings > Storage. Then locate the NAS entry, click on the vertical ellipsis, and select Edit. From here you should be able to amend the storage location.


Hi Martin

That is exactly what I am trying to do. I have tried using Roon Remotes on both iPad and Win10 Laptop.

When I first went in to Storage settings, the old IP address was showing there, with an error (drive not available). The format used was \\music
When I went to add the correct information, I can’t get anything accepted. As the NAS is also on DHCP a hostname should be the preferred format, as in \ds418j\music . When I enter that and hit Add Network Share, Roon thinks for a moment then comes back with Unexpected Error. I have tried all the IP addresses that show up on my network ( without success.

Aahh, finally got it to accept \ds418j\music with user id and password.

Trouble with these things you only do once or twice in your life !


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