Network error- Check the connection

Hi, I have again the Network error but no Tidal_login file in the rgistry/core. Please advice what to do

Best Regard

Hi @Armin_Kern,

Where are you seeing the network error, can you post a screenshot? Have you tried rebooting your Core and router yet?

– Noris

Hi Noris,
thanks for your answer.
It is on the Site where I have to lock into tidal.
I did various resets. All apps closed beside the remote app on my laptop. Yes, I have access to the Tidal site on it’s own App.
I had this issue before christmas also, then I was able to delete the Tidal_login in the Registry


Now after couple of days hussle with the system, everything works fine. It would be great to know why it happens! When I’m out at dealers showroom to sell Nukleus by Roon and this happens, I like to how to solve it immediatley.
I will take my chance to discuss this with Steve Silberman, when we next meet

Cheers Armin

Hello @Armin_Kern,

You should not have to delete the TIDAL_login in the registry to resolve this issue in the future, I would advise not touching the registry folder at all actually.

Sometimes that error is an indicator of other networking issues, I would take a look at our Networking Best Practices Guide to see your setup follows the guidelines or if there is room for improvement.

If it happens again, let me know the exact local time in your country that it happened at (ex. 6:58PM) and then we can take a look at the diagnostics from that machine. Feel free to also discuss with Steve for recommendations on network setups and common troubleshooting techniques.