Network error Please check your internet connection

I cannot get any of my iPads to connect to my rock core. It worked last time I tried to use it which was a few weeks ago.

I have now updated the iPad roon app and rebooted the core.

I can see the core from the iPad using safari and everything looks normal.

The iPads show up the core when starting the app but I get the error message when I enter my email address and password. It appears to be timing out

Your core is new?

You say it was working, but now you can’t enter the email and password? If this was working before (unless you started from scratch again) the login etc should be stored in the ROCK setup.

have you changed your network setting on the ROCK interface? I suggest you use DHCP if you are not already as something as simple as a DNS error can break everything externally.

@support In case the Roon guys can suggest anything else.

I have had the core for around 6 months
I have been using a static IP for the Rock since it was setup.

The DNS on my router could have changed since I set up the Rock

Why should that affect things?

Should I reconfigure the rock and how should I do that?

Thanks for the pointer about DHCP and DNS

I switched the core to DHCP and it now works

Is a static IP not recommended?