Network issues between QNAP / Mac mini


I’ve been having issues with Roon for a few months now. Never really took time to solve these but with lockdown I thought it’s the right time :slight_smile:


  • Core machine: Mac mini (end 2014) 10.15.4 (Catalina), 8GB, 1TB
  • Library is located on QNAP NAS via SMB
  • 1 Roon endpoint: DAC (Cambridge Audio DacMagic) > NAD amplifier

Issues :

  • my QNAP used to frequently disconnects from my Mac mini, hence Roon was regularly re-scanning the database
  • I decided to do a clean install of my Mac mini with the latest Catalina
  • connection in Finder to QNAP is via smb
  • after a day or 2, I noticed the same old issues happening: it disconnects in the Finder hence I still cannot listen to my music peacefully!

FYI I have also emailed QNAP support but so far no help…

Hopefully someone can help here… Thank you!

You really need to post this in support to be seen better.

Hi @sakurabanga,

It sounds like the QNAP is disappearing from the MacOS system itself and that is causing the issues in Roon. I would see what QNAP says. If you want to provide your network setup details including model/manufacturer of the gear, there might be a suggestion we can provide in that area.

Sure thanks for your help. What do you need exactly (what screenshot)?

Hi @sakurabanga,

What is the model/manufacturer of your router and how is the Core and QNAP connected? Are they connected directly to the router or through a range entender/powerline adapter/switch/ect?

Here’s the network setup :

  1. Internet provider router ethernet > Time Capsule ethernet > QNAP
  2. then Time Capsule ethernet > Mac mini

Thanks for your help.

Hi @sakurabanga,

I suspect that the Time Capsule might have something to do with the issue.

Generally speaking, we’ve seen Apple Networking gear to have sub-par performance in Roon (we mention this in our Networking Best Practices Guide).

If you have another router around the house, you might want to try temporarily replacing the Time Capsule router and see if it helps. Otherwise I would wait to see what QNAP says.

Thanks Noris for your reply.

QNAP support has not been helpful so far.

I followed your advice and removed the Time Capsule.
So now, here’s my setup: ISP router goes to Mac mini and to QNAP via ethernet. I still have the same issues.

Roon will index my library, it takes a couple hours. At one point when I check the status, I see Roon has closed, and that my NAS does not appear anymore in Finder…

What do you suggest? Could it be Roon that is messing somewhere? Are we able to read a log and find out what happened just before Roon quit?

Thanks for your help!

Hi @sakurabanga,

Roon closing by itself is certainly strange. Can you note the exact local time + date you noticed it is closed next time and send me a copy of your Roon logs by using these instructions? If you don’t have any of the file transfer sites listed in the instructions, just let me know.

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